Glory to God!

After a little hiatus, I’d like to continue sharing about spiritual disciplines. In recent weeks I’ve shared about Prayer and Quiet Times, but what about those times we are called to stand up and shout to the Lord?

Scripture shows us that this is part of following God. 2 Samuel 6 shows us “David and all Israel were bringing up the ark of the Lord, shouting and blowing trumpets.” This is worship.

What: Worship is a difficult thing to define. There are numerous different variations shown in scripture, and which is the right variation? There are some who give a prescription for the proper way to worship, but I’m a little more relaxed. The key to worship in my eyes is that it is an outward expression, not an inward declaration, of God’s glory. In worship, we are to lift Him up, not concentrate on ourselves. We can worship indiviually or corporately. Worship is praise of God, to God. Worship includes singing and music, sincere study of the Word, and praise of God.

When: Worship is and can be done at any time and any place. Most churches have corporate worship on Sunday mornings, but many have services in the evening and even during the week. Find a time that works and go! Individual worship should occur regularly, as you are able to, throught your day/night.

Why: God calls for us to worship Him. Worship gives us a chance to corporately praise Him for His grace and presence.

The Challenge: First, attend service weekly. While at that service, concentrate your attention on God, praising and worshiping His name! Second, spend time weekly, alone, in praise of God. Find a way to show your praise of His glory and grace.

Until the Whole World Knows,


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