Understanding your Calling

We recently had a poll here at Hardcore Christian Men asking about the challenges men face. Porn rated up high, and we are going to talk more about it, but “Understanding your Calling” and “Passive Nature” weren’t far behind. I have to say I’m right there with you, as I have faced all three of these as well. I invite you to check out the poll >>here<< and give us your input.

On to understanding your calling. This is a tough one, as each of us are called in different ways to different things. As well as the different callings, I believe God may change your calling at different points in your life. Let me give an example of this before I move on. I do believe that God is firmly calling me, and giving me affirmation as I follow, to men’s ministry. However, I joined the Army as a medic when I was 20, after putting it off for 2 years. I knew that was where I was supposed to be, but I was to tied up in being at home(partying) in familiar surroundings. When I finally figured it out and got on the right track, he guided me slowly back to the Church. While I was serving, he led me to a small non-deminational Church and then 4 months after becoming a Christian, he sent me to Iraq (Feb 2003). While in Iraq, I helped to lead a bible study and never missed an opportunity to share God’s love with a fellow soldier (and a few Kurdish soldiers too). I got home and went to working as a civilian medic. I worked in that field until I was diagnosed with PTSD and realized it wasn’t healthy for me to remain on the truck. I went back to school and he slowly guided me to men’s ministry. It took me 10 years to realize that was what he was preparing for me and is my calling, but he got me here with the training and experience I need.

Some men have an easier path. I know many ministers who are born to be ministers. They are just one in a long line of ministers who have trained their kids and they train their own as well. But what about the rest of you. You’ve grown up, found Christ, and now don’t know what he wants you to do. I recommend you start with a spiritual gifts assessment. Your pastor can probably direct you to one, but >>here<< is one I found online. Once you’ve discovered your spiritual gifts, start thinking about how you can use them in His service. Your first thought may not be right, but it’s probably close. I originally thought I was headed to disaster relief ministry. It just seemed like it used my skills and gifts, but then a book by Kenny Luck, Risk, clarified my vision.

Being called does not mean you have to give up your day job, most of us are actually called to do whatever it is while still working in the tradtional workplace. Look at Paul, he was called to plant churches across the Mediterranean, but he didn’t survive off the people, he was a tentmaker(Acts 18:2-3). So what is it you do? How will you carry God’s word and be a tentmaker? This is the question. There are tons of outreach ministries you could be involved with, but there is also work closer to home. Missions are always great, but what about that new church plant and it’s need for setup and teardown crews? What about that single mom down the street that barely has enough time to feed her kids, much less mow the lawn? There are so many things that you can do, you merely have to get out there, do them, and then figure out what God fives tou strength and affirmation to do. If you can’t get comfortable working with homeless people, then the soup kitchen is probably the wrong choice, but may the canned food collection point could use your help.

So here’s the ultimate question, what kind of Tentmaker will you be? I welcome questions, just email me at HardcoreChristianMen@gmail.com One of us will get back with you soon.

Until the Whole World Knows,


  1. Kevin says:

    I really enjoyed this post. I just happened across it. I have been asking what is my call. I have been apart of many different things and have enjoyed them all and thank God that He allowed me to participate in them. You are a go.

    • Paul S says:

      Thanks for stopping by. I encourage you to peruse the site and give us input. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, Welcome!

  2. kanu philip says:

    I have tried many things,when it seems i am on the peak,it will crash.I have met many men of God that insist,God is calling me i should give up everything iam doing.Recently,iam highly indebted & confused.I have seen some great MEN OF GOD telling me in the dream to come & join them heal the sick.i don’t know exactly, what to do.please help me.

    • Paul S says:

      Who are these men of God who are telling you? Have you spent time in prayer on this? Have you spent time with your pastor, as he should be a source of wise counsel for you. You mention being highly indebted. This is another thing that you should seek advice for. I am not sure how to assist you remotely in this, but if you will seek out council from your local church, they should be able to guide you in a Godly direction. Remember, God will not place a calling on you that you can not achieve. He also will not place a burden on you that you can not bear. He will lift you up and carry you, if you will follow his teachings and guidance.


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