Paul “SapperDoc”

Me in Macduff Castle

A little about myself. Most of you know I’m a Texan, but did you also know I’m a member of the Clan Macduff? My family left Scotland during colonial times and were represented in every major conflict America has ever been part of. We were in the Revolution(Great…Grandfather was in the 101st Volunteers), both sides of the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam Era, And The War on Terrorism (Iraq is really a continuation of Gulf Storm, ask me about it and I’ll explain) I’m a combat veteran of the 101st Airborne A/Co 326th Engineers and joyful to say, one of the few Medics to have ever graduated Sapper Leader Course when I went through in 2002. I’ve been out of the Army since June of 2009(Reserves since 2004) and am now back in school. I went to school for EMS for a bit, then theatre, and finished up  BA in Christian Studies, and now I’m going to Dallas Theological Seminary for a Masters of Arts in Christian Leadership. God has been calling me to Men’s Ministry recently. I’m looking into possibilities here and abroad.

Abroad…It’s funny to say that. When I got back to Texas after Iraq, I said I would never willingly leave for anything other than a vacation again, and now I’m considering the possibility of Laura and I going to Wales for a year!

Oh, I haven’t even told you about Laura yet. Laura is my beautiful wife. We met Halloween 2006 at Reindeer Manor Haunted House, where I was helping Boy Scout Troop 1 as an actor. I was working the crowd with Dale (a buddy from scouts and the Army) and saw her. I walked by several times, never pausing, but always noticing. After conferring with Dale, we grabbed her from the crowd and buried her in a grave in the Graveyard. After talking to her for a few minutes, I returned her to her family and asked her to let me know what they thought of the show after they finished.

About 45 minutes later, I looked up and there she was leaning up against the Graveyard fence with her niece. I used a corny line about her coming back out the next year and hoping I could see her before then. I then got her number and the rule breaking started. I called her on the way home that night, just after midnight and started talking. It took me a week to get her to agree to go on a date with me. Then 5 months to convince her I wasn’t too young for her (Don’t tell her I told you, but she’s got a few years on me :-P ) before I could convince her to marry me. We got engaged in March in the Harley Davidson shop on Bourbon Street in New Orleans and left for Scotland to get married November 6th of 2007, exactly one year after our first date. We were wed by Terry Boyle in Airth Castle (just outside of Falkirk) on 11/11/2007 (Veteran’s Day) and have been happily married since.

I’ve recently gotten involved in Adventure racing. I ran the Warrior Dash in November ’10 down in Austin and in 2011 and 2012 in DFW. I am hoping to be able to run the Tough Mudder soon, as well as any other competitions I can find in between. Eventually I plan on running the Death Race on the Appalachian Trail. If you’re an adventure racer, let me know, we’ll run together!

  1. Hello from Bethel, CT.

    I came here from Twitter and a fella named pacnwdadof6 (Chris Goforth). He recommended your site.

    I am curious. Btw, former grunt who served with C 2/187 INF (Rakkasans) at Campbell. I ETS’d in 1997. Nice to meet you.

  2. Kevin says:

    Alright brother, you know me 2/44 ADA and 2/327th inf at 101st. Enjoyed hearing part of your story last night. Tell me more about the website and your members. Take care and God bless. Just Kevin.

  3. Ruth Baillie says:

    I know girls technically aren’t allowed… But just had to comment and say hi as I live not even 10 minutes drive from Airth Castle! Love the blog, keep up the great work 🙂 blessings from Scotland!

    • Paul S says:

      All are welcome, but we work to teach men.

      Scotland is a beautiful country and I would love to return. Something amazing can happen there if the men will find a way to escape the culture and stand up as biblical men. But, they can do it without you and other women like you. Thanks for reading!

      Until the whole world knows,

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