Well, I grew up in a pastor’s home, so I have been around the gospel since birth.  At the age of five I heard a message on hell and the necessity of Jesus.  At that point, I knew I needed Jesus and wanted nothing to do with hell. I asked Christ to be my Savior directly after the church service.

Since that point, my life has been a roller coaster ride.  We’ve moved all over the place as a result of my father’s ministry.  At the age of 16 I felt God laying youth ministry on my heart.  As I got older I went through the whole “rebellious” phase, but God didn’t give up on me.  I enrolled in Liberty University in 2007 and finished my bachelors of religion in May of 2011.

While working on my degree God gave me the opportunity to teach Bible classes at a Christian school.  In February of 2010 I began working with the youth group at Ruth’s Chapel Church.  I have been serving with “The Gathering” ever since.

Sometime in the near future I hope to marry the love of my life, Amber.  We met as counselors at a youth camp and a few months later we began dating.  Nearly two years later I asked her to marry me and for some reason she said yes!

My ultimate desire in life is to see young people get saved and become devoted to Jesus Christ.  We have far too many “Christians” and not enough disciples.  I long to see church culture move back to the biblical example of the church.  We have to get over the legalism and liberalism and make sure that “Christ is All.”

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