Jared Miller

My passion is Discipleship – and given that I’m a guy, I have a particular burden for men’s discipleship.

As a pastor all of my training has assumed that I need to find a way to get women involved in Church since they will make up a huge percentage of the people sitting in the pews on any given Sunday.

Men are missing from Church.

But you already know that. If you’re here you’re either a) a guy who is into church and wondering where the rest of us are, b) a guy who’s not really into church but is still asking big questions, c) a church girl wondering where the guys are or d) a girl who doesn’t do church either and I’m not really sure why you’re here (but welcome! I hope you stick around and I welcome your comments.)

If you’re in category A or B, then you’re my target audience. If you’re a ‘C’, then I hope you find what I have to say helpful.

So that’s me. I welcome your participation and look forward to questions and responses. As much as I want to write with an absolute authority, I have none. Here, I’m one teacher among many – and so Welcome.

In Christ

“[Discipleship] is a Long Obedience in the Same Direction” – Eugene Peterson
“[Discipleship] is just one beggar showing another where to find bread” – D.T. Niles

PS – If you like what I write, check out my blog – www.retheology.net

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