About Us

We are a group of Christian men dedicated to living life as Jesus taught us. We believe in following Him as disciples and biblical men. We come from different walks of life, denominations, generations, and regions of the country. You may see GI’s, ministers, businessmen, family men and singles, professors, or entertainers among us, but we have a common bond. We are all committed to being and continuing to grow as, Hardcore Christian Men.

Want to know about the men? Hover over the About us tab to see the individual bios.

  1. time2stand says:

    Hello there. My name is Jeremy Strang. I have just come across this blog page tonight. I am hoping to check it out some more in the future. Please feel free to utilize my website: http://www.time2stand.com as you see fit. This site originally began just for men but has/is growing into more. Hope to talk to you more on the topic of Men soon. Feel free to check out the men’s book that is on our home page. Just scroll to the bottom and click on the link called, Christ Died For His Bride, So What’s Your Problem?

    Peace and blessings in Christ Jesus our Lord,

    Jeremy Strang

  2. equallyoked says:

    As a sister in Christ, I truly appreciate & support this site…we need more men be under Christ & rise to their calling, b/c as Ester & Ruth, we are out there preparing ourselves for men of that caliber. I recently did a post on Christian husbands & would welcome your insights http://equallyoked.wordpress.com/
    Thanks for creating this site & may God bless your efforts!

  3. Hi Guys,
    I’ve really enjoyed my visits to your site and your support to mine. 🙂

    As a sister in Christ, I just would like you to know that I think your blog is an inspiration.

    I also wanted to say “Thank you” for following me at my wordpress.com site. BTW – I’ve moved and updated my site, you can continue following me at: http://barefootpreachr.org/

    Look forward to seeing you soon!

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