A call to deeper study

Posted: 2014 03 27 by Paul S in Challenge, Hardcore Christian Men, Ministry


I’ve been away for a while and I’ll give a full accounting of that time later, but let me just say that you can blame this guy:

ConnorWell, not completely him, some of the blame goes to work, seminary, and my ministry here in Dallas. Sorry for the absence!


Now for the reason I’ve returned. Hardcore Christian Men will be going through some growth in the coming weeks and months. At Seminary, I have learned to interpret scripture more completely and accurately. I have learned to use observation, interpretation, correlation, and application to gain a full understanding of the word, and this method is what I will be using moving forward.

I encourage all of you to spend time digging deeper into the word when you study. Look for what the author what saying, not what we want it to say. Keep the text in context, rejecting the trend in our culture to use pick and choose scripture. God calls us to abide in Him and in His Word. This is what I am encouraging you to do. I won’t be walking through scripture here with an exegetical comb, but I am in my daily reading.

See you all soon!

Until the Whole World Knows,


  1. Jeff says:

    Congratulations on the baby!

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