Why am I a Christian?

Posted: 2013 05 25 by Paul S in Biblical manhood, Discipleship, Hardcore Christian Men

Read this in one of Paul Asay’s books and thought I would just leave it right here.

“Why am I Christian? Because I believe I was built to adore and obey. Because when I stray from that state of adoration, I feel the conflict in my soul. Because when I finally, sometimes painfully, submit to God, I feel the joy of his love and grace in the pit of my gut. Because when I curl up in the cup of God’s hand, I want to smile. Because when I sense His presence in the world around me, I want to sing. Because when I do what I was meant to do, I feel not just my joy, but His flowing though my arteries like quicksilver.
I am a Christian because even though I’m not a very good Christian at times, I can’t imagine life any other way.”

Kinda make you think, doesn’t it?

Until the While World Knows,

  1. jbout68 says:

    Amen, Brother!
    Submitting can be a very hard thing to do when I have done something my way. I always feel better when I give over to His plan and His way of doing things.

  2. Cesar Soto says:

    awesome! I’m going to share this with my friend at work 🙂

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