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Posted: 2013 04 10 by Paul S in Biblical manhood

Getting ready to post today, I thought I would have a little fun. With all of the confusion of gender roles in the church, sex and marriage in culture, and tradition vs. fad, I thought I would look to God’s creation to figure out a few things. Now, anyone who has been reading my writings for long knows that I a a firm believer in the complementary role of man and woman, with man as the head, but woman as the helper and companion. Helper and companion does not make her less, only different. Now I say that because I want to point out a species of animal I believe to be a good picture of God’s plan for marriage. You’re gonna laugh, so I’ll start with a funny pic.

Funny Cute Pictures penguin 2013 1

So a penguin. Bear with me here. I’ve always thought penguins were cool. Think about it, here you have a species of bird that looks like it’s wearing a tux all the time and lives in a climate where almost nothing else survives. They are the only species, other than man, to control a continent. They are extremely industrious and very self sacrificial. But why do they make me think of marriage as God intends?

The engagement

When a male penguin falls in love, he will travel up and down the shore looking for the perfect stone. It has to be just the right one. Once he finds it, he carries it in his beak to his intended mate and places the stone at her feet. If she accepts it, then they are to be mates. Kinda like the engagement ring? With the perfect stone? This one isn’t necessarily biblical, but it shows that the male penguin will work hard for his relationship, searching for hours or days to find the right stone.

Penguin Rock 2

The Marriage

So, penguins don have clergy and they really don’t have a way to get married, but they do mate. Unlike many animals (and people) when penguins mate, it is for life. They have one mate… ever. This is how God intends marriage to be. Marriage is a permanent thing. In the wedding ceremony, we often hear “what God has brought together, let no man tear apart,” or the classic close to the vows, “till death do us part.” Jesus called divorce an abomination. Marriage is a permanent thing, and penguins seem to have that right.


Sacrifice and Work

Emperor penguins, the breed featured in the movie “March of the Penguins”, show the work ethic and sacrifice that I believe a husband and wife should show. Penguins return to the same nesting grounds each time they breed. Due to the location of these nesting areas, they have to traverse large expanses of barren wasteland (Antartica) without food. During this trip, many penguins die. On arriving, the couple builds a nest and the female lays an egg. Due to the temperature, the egg must be kept on top of their feet and under their feathers for the entire gestation period. This means that someone has to stay behind while the other goes and gets food. The male takes on this role. He take a spot on the nest and remains there for 4 months, fasting. When the eggs hatch, the mother returns with food for the chick and the father.


Sounds like the penguins have got it figured out. He is expected to protect the children. He provides warmth and safety to a single offspring. He sacrifices his health (fasting for four months) in order to ensure that his child survives.


Could we learn something from penguins? Men, step up and be the man that God has designed you to be. If you aren’t married yet, work to develop the kind of work ethic and honor that will fill the needs when you are. If you are confused about sexuality, look to God’s creation to understand. Most of all, put your faith in Him. His plan is perfect.


Until the whole world knows,


  1. Kevin says:

    I wished I had followed through all those years ago when I was divorced. I never wanted it to happen but it did. It is sad that in this day and there are many more people just like me who have been divorced. sadly some of them fall to a point of non existence others chase relationships to try and make an amends or to get past the pain. God knows what He is doing, sadly many don’t listen.

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