I speak from personal experience in wanting another guy who I can share life with that is in a similar place in his life.  Someone I can go on hikes or camping with enjoys watching movies and playing games, enjoys talking and sharing about life and most importantly someone who has centered their life on God.   Someone who I can do all of the other things with but will also pray with and for me and at any time I need them will be readily available for me.  When I am struggling, falling and messing up will be there to speak truth into my life as well as challenge and encourage me.

I’ve had only a few relationships like this in my life and they have left indelible marks on my life.  Currently I have no one in my life like this but I do have different guys in my life who are able to fill those various aspects.   I know that in many of my newer relationships I am hopeful I can find someone who can fill that role in my life. My prayer has been and will continue to be God filling that in my life.  A friend like that is incredibly valuable.

Reading in scripture Jesus give us an example of what it meant to have a certain type of close friends.  He purposely picked the disciples.  Those he chose left what they knew and began doing life with him. He taught, they asked questions, he lived out his life 24 hours a day with them.  He spent 3 years of his life with these men, investing in them for a larger purpose.  Meals, prayers, miracles, playing and disagreements were spent together.  I can only imagine how this impacted these men’s lives.  Knowing the character of Jesus I am sure he gave hugs, listened and prayed for them.

A lot of guys I know are reserved and withdrawn.  They don’t like to engage in talking about feelings or in deep conversations.  They talk about sports or weather and other subjects that are considered safe and don’t require going very deep.   This also describes my Dad and many other men I was raised around.  What I have learned is that I hate that kind of stuff.  I hate surface type discussions and refuse to enter into them.

God has provided me the opportunity to talk with lots of men and in that I have heard countless stories of brokenness, heartbreak, anger and intense pain and frustration.  Men who are ashamed, who live with regrets and are scared to death if anyone really knew about them, would lose everything in their life. Men who really want someone to be there for them but are so scared to reach out of fear and rejection and stay locked in their own worlds.  Men who are looking for someone to call a close friend and brother.

If those of us, who have experienced it, reaped the benefits and it has changed our world don’t reach out to others, how will other guys ever know?  It is up to us to be an example.  We don’t get to keep what we know about Jesus and his life a secret.  When he changes us we need to be sharing that as part of our story.  We need to be encouraging other men; to provide hope and that there is something better.  Essentially that is found in who Jesus is, yet it can be lived out day to day in our interactions with other men.  To have a brother who is there for you no matter what is a huge blessing from God.  To God be the glory in all of our relationships with our brothers.  May you find a bromance that will shape and change your life forever.

  1. I am blessed to have one in my life.

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