Just a quick prayer request!

Posted: 2012 08 19 by Paul S in Biblical manhood


I have recently had some coments over on one of our other posts: “There’s only one God…” Richard is arguing that God is a fictional creation. I’m not an apologist and not even that good a debater. I haven’t been gifted with evangelism and truthfully, I sometimes mis-state things in these discussions. Richard believes that His lack of evidence of God’s existence is proof. I gave him some info about eyewitness accounts, but I also asked him to say a prayer. I have asked him to pray for God to reveal Himself to Richard. I believe that if Richard honestly prays this, God will reveal Himself, though I don’t know how. What I want to ask all of you is this, will you pray that Richard prays this prayer, that Richard accepts the evidence that God reveals, and the Richard can become like Lee Strobel, a powerful witness to God’s glory.

Until the Whole World Knows,


Again, if you want to read those comments here’s the shortlink: “There’s only one God…”

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