New Testament Men >=< Modern Men?

Posted: 2012 07 13 by Paul S in Biblical manhood, Challenge, Fatherhood, Hardcore Christian Men, manhood, masculine, masculinity, Ministry, Relationship

Last time I mentioned a few men from the Old Testament that we like to hold up as “Men” and as role models; and everyone fell short of God’s glory, falling short of the ideal we have for “Men”. Now, lets look at some New Testament “Men”. For those of you who like to skip ahead, Jesus will be at the end of this list, but the ones in between here and there are a good reminder for us.

I want to frame this a little bit, before launching into calling the men out. With no exception, these men were alive in Israel while Jesus was teaching. They heard of His miracles and His message. Every one of them know the Torah and Pentateuch better than most of us even imagine knowing the Bible. These guys could quote line and verse, tell you a lesson or message for almost any situation. They were also the norm, not the abnormal. These guys knew what they were watching out for when the Messiah returned.

And they all knew something different.

I’m not going to dissect what they expected of him now, just understand that it takes a lot more… and a lot less… than knowing scripture to know and follow Jesus.

On to the men:

Peter (everyone knew he was coming first!) – A fisherman with Andrew. Loud-mouthed and impulsive. Loyal to Jesus until His capture, and then he turned, only to come back and repent to the risen Christ, becoming the “rock” Christ built the Church on and healing with his touch.

Thomas – The doubter. An inquisitive man who needed to feel and touch, to see and believe, not just to hear. Placed his hands in Christs wounds to believe that it was truly Him.

John – A son of thunder! Followed Jesus for the glory that would surely come from it, and was changed by the walk. Author of scripture and the one loved by Jesus. Recipient of the Revelation.

Saul/Paul – Zealot who was most likely present at Jesus’ trial and conviction. Likely witness of Christ’s crucifixion. Hunter and killer of Christ followers. Striken blind to become the witness of Christ to “all nations”. (Followed the Great Commission!)

Barnabas – Mentor, teacher, witness with Paul on his missionary journeys, stubborn in his beliefs.

Luke – Doctor, Chronicler and Reporter, Scholar who studied and shared Christ’s word with us.

The list could keep going, but the key is that every one of these men, even while in the presence of Jesus, fell short of the image He gave them (and us).

Jesus is the image of man that we must all aspire to be. I’m not talking about looking like him. I’m not saying that we need to spend three years walking and preaching in Israel. What I am saying is that Jesus showed us how to be a man. jesus showed us how to be a brother to each other and to Him. Jesus showed us how to be a Father, a Husband, and a Son; though He only held one of these titles. Jesus was strong, and wise, and smart, and forgness, and love, and peace, and power, and a million other things. Things that you and I can only be an echo of. But things we must be an echo of.

Next week, I’m going to launch into this series, discussing qualities of a “Man” from both biblical and cultural views. In the meantime, let me give you some words to think about in relationship to yourself and the men you hold up as examples:














Until the Whole World Knows,


  1. Kevin says:

    Looking forward to this series. That is to lead us in becoming God’s men personally, at home, at church and at work.

  2. […] Now on to the first in this series. You’ll remember back in July I wrote about whether the New Testament man was more or less of a man compared to modern man. Lets take a look at one of the qualities I mentioned […]

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