Born to Run God’s Path.

Posted: 2012 06 12 by Paul S in Biblical manhood, Book, Challenge, Discipleship, Hardcore Christian Men, manhood, masculine, masculinity, Review

I’ve been reading a book lately that has made me think about my walk with God,Born to Runby Christopher McDougall. I say it made me think about my walk with God, but it took a round about way of doing it. You see, the book is about The Tarahumara tribe who live in the Copper Canyon region of the Sierra Madres. To make a long story short (one that I recommend to anyone who wants an interesting story about amazing athleticism), McDougall tells his reader that every one of us was born to be a runner, and he tells us why.

I’m not going to go more into the book, or even why I like it, but I will go into my rambling thoughts that started on the pages of a book and have now led to an entirely different kind of exercise; the exercise of following God’s path. You see, the Tarahumara are ultraendurance runners. There are legends of these guys running more than 400 miles in a single run, and there are records of them doing over 300 in 48hrs(and that’s not counting the elevation changes of running over 3000 ft mountains)! These men and women recognize how they were created, and they have embraced it. I’m betting a few of you are starting down the same rabbit hole that I went down on reading about these amazing human beings. If they can harness their bodies in this amazing way, why do I sometimes feel like I’m in the longest endurance race ever conceived of when I set out the door to do God’s work, to be God’s man?

As a believer, I know that we were created to follow God. Everyone of us, every one, is shown His glory and given a chance to be His disciple, but most turn away for the lies that our culture and world offers. So why is it so hard for those of us who have made the choice to accept His son to follow Him? Why do some of us hit walls at every turn and face seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the path God has placed us on? I’m asking these questions, not because I have the answers, but because I often feel like I’ve entered a race that I don’t know how to finish.  That’s the thing, Jesus tells us, it doesn’t end. He also tells us that we will be hated. We will be persecuted. We will run into obstacles and we will fight for every inch, but when we get to the place He has prepared for us, we will be given the greater reward, God’s reward.

All of this makes me ask, why do we do it? Most runners (at least the ones I think are sane) will tell you that when they started running, it wasn’t because they liked running, it was because they wanted to like running. That’s the stage I’m in as a runner, I hate going out the door to run, but I want to like it! Now what about walking (or running) with God? Almost every believer I talk to says they love being on His path, but then when I look, they are only really following on Sundays and major religious holidays. I actually have had believers tell me that they are following God by living as the world around them lives (even to the extent of getting drunk and living in debauchery). I don’t think most people love following Jesus, at first. It’s hard. It calls for a transformation. It means giving up freedom and control to God. This is that stage I feel is most difficult for the new believer. I’m not doubting salvation here, I’m questioning conviction, mine as much as anyone else’s.  It’s only after you’ve made the sacrifices and become sold out for God that you start finding true joy in following His path. I’m somewhere at the beginning of that joy phase. I do truly feel joy at running His path for me, but it still hurts sometimes. I still stub my toe at times and I still stumble and scrape my knee. But He gives me taller, steeper hills to climb. He gives me seemingly impassable terrain, and then gives me the ability to pass it (with Him carrying me most of the way)! He gives me the endurance to do what He built me to do.

Thinking on this, I think it’s time to start running that road again. Who’s with me?

Until the Whole World Knows,


  1. Kevin says:

    Well let’s start running again LOL. I know that is not what you were referring to but I had to throw it in there. I like to run it takes my mind of junk. When I started I hated running now I can hardly walk without running some. However years have taken its toll and I have to prepare even more so if I am going to do it without doing more harm than good. I think in some ways this is also how I am to pursue my path in Christ. Over the years, I have fallen to the way side. Over the years I became complacent and was only going through the motions of practicing my spiritual disciplines pursueing Christ and people who knew I proclaim being a Christian seen me stumble and fall, basically fail. I have to prepare more to serve the Lord now than I have ever done. That means setting timelines for devotion, quiet time, prayer life, fellowship and many other things. Over the years I got away from this because I quit preparing myself to serve the Lord and I would fall. Now I have to get back to where I need to be in this relationship with my Savior. The preparation required is exercising the spiritual disciplines Christ has taught us and remain consistent. Hope that all makes sense. because I feel like I have to prepare more now because I got so far away from waht I was originally doing when Christ first started the flame within me. Hope to see some more of this info in your post about becoming God’s men.

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