Is God a part of this?

Posted: 2012 06 07 by Chris Goforth in Authentic Man, Biblical manhood, Challenge, Discipleship, Hardcore Christian Men, Ministry, Relationship, Spiritual Discipline

I have been saddened to see over time the amount of programming, sermons and activities in church that take place and little prayer that has gone into them.  I’ve watched people sit down in meetings make plans and then move forward with it and not offer up any prayer to God, or if they did it was one right at the beginning of the meeting with a quick, “Thanks for allowing this meeting to happen, please be with us in this meeting.”  Not sure if that is really a prayer or an obligatory, we are doing the work of God so we better make it look good statement.

God has given us knowledge and the ability to make plans and do great things and we should.  We should use our gifts to bring glory to the name of God.  The caveat here being only after we have spent time seeking God’s will for those things.  My other concern is how often we plan something, believing it’s the will of God and then really listen to see if this is where he is guiding and directing our steps.  Where is the discernment for God’s clear voice?  How do we know if God wants us to go in a different direction?  How do we know if all the programs, events and activities we’ve always been doing are still the things God wants us to do?

I am not sure at what point we feel like we have it all figured out and know exactly what God desires, be it at church or in our own life.  What I do know is if we fail to come before God, talk with him, seek his will, discern his voice and wait on his answer than we aren’t doing his will.  In my experience a quick 1 or 2 minute prayer has never drawn me closer to God and allowed me to really hear what he has to say.  When I clear out my schedule, spend time with him and earnestly seek him is when I hear him and sometimes it’s not always been what I planned.  God has thrown some curveballs in my life.  Granted this doesn’t always happen, and I usually haven’t made really big decisions in my life without really putting into practice those things.  I think it foolish to do otherwise.

Is God really leading you in that direction or are you just going on knowledge and experience.  Maybe it’s time to stop, clear out your schedule and really spend time finding out what God has in store.  Are you really willing to listen and follow what he’s asking?

How much time do you spend seeking God’s will for your life?

  1. Jason Wert says:

    It’s all I’m doing anymore. I’ve had things this week that made me realize all the things I had been doing I thought was God was really just me trying to fulfill an inner need for love and acceptance and appreciation. Now, I have no idea what to do. My entire world has been stripped bare.

    • Paul S says:


      It sounds like you’re in a better place than most. I think the first step down God’s road for us is to realize that God’s road isn’t always our road. He puts us in places and situations that we can not navigate… unless we are following Him. He challenges us in ways that we can’t imagine, and then shows us how to meet the challenge. Praying for you in your walk, Brother!


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