We were created to be in relationships with one another.  If you read through scripture you will see this has played out since God breathed life into Adam.  In fact we are told in Genesis 2:18 The LORD God said, “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.  God created Eve and Adam was no longer alone, he had someone to share life with.  Not only was Eve there, but God communicated with both.  He longed to have a relationship with them.

Throughout scripture we are given examples of men who needed other men, had men who were willing to walk along side them.  In Ecclesiastes 4:12 Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. 

Enter Jesus on the scene, he went out, asked other men to follow him and up until he was taken, crucified and resurrected.  Spent day and night with a group of 12 men.  Sharing life, living, exploring, talking, asking question and being there for one another.  This model of doing life together is something that I hold and cling to.

The world tells us we should break free from our parents.  Be a self-made man.  Take care of things on our own.  We are meant to go it alone.  We don’t need anyone.  All of this is a lie we have been fed far too long.  It’s a lie from the pit of hell.  Satan knows if men go it a lone they will destroy themselves.

Think about it, when you are going through the rhythms of life, how much time is spent alone?  Do you look at people or things you shouldn’t?  When you are alone with your thoughts how would you rate them?  When you are at home and it’s just you or your family do you treat them differently than you do when others are around.  Do you internalize all your thoughts and feelings and just push through them.  I can say that I am guilty of all the above.  I have done all of it.  Rather than talking to someone else I have kept things locked up.  I have isolated myself and just put on my best game face.  I have spent countless hours late at night looking at things I shouldn’t as a way of medicating.  The question I come back to is where this has left me.

Why do we continue to believe the lies?  Why do we feel like we are different and have an image to keep?  Why do we think we can’t admit we made less than honorable choices?  Why can’t we call out and ask for help, admit when we need it.  Really it boils down to one thing – selfish pride.

We struggle, internalize, isolate and keep others at a distance and we suffer for it.  The weight of all of that keeps us living in this crazy cycle.  Somehow we are unable to see that in reaching out; admitting we are a mess and we need others to walk through life with us is a bad thing.  We are kidding ourselves when we believe the lie no one would love me, like me or want to be around me if they knew the truth.  We are lying to ourselves when we think no one would understand where I am coming from.  Here’s the key – We are all human, we sin, we live in a broken world and we will continue to do this until we die.

God designed us to be in a relationship with him and with others.  We need our brothers.  At 41 years old I know that I do much better in life when I have other guys I can talk to, share life and be open about what I struggle with.  I also have experienced this too many times to know it works and it’s a huge benefit.  Knowing that I can call or shoot a text to another guy and he’s got my back has changed my life.  It’s been transformational.  The other part I know is that in my years of doing life and working with other men, there is nothing out there another guy hasn’t struggled with.

Do you know that you are being lied to?  What lies have you believed that have kept you silent?

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