I am currently reading a variety of books.  I re-reading Wild at Heart by John Eldridge with an older man I meet with.  In my weekly Men’s Group we are reading through Soar by Kenny Luck and with another friend I am reading Risk by Kenny Luck.  This got me to thinking about what others might read.  I am interested to know what other books or authors you our readers would recommend.  I’ve read so many books around it, but by far the following stand out for me –

Robert Lewis – Men’s Fraternity and How to Raise a Modern Day Knight

John Ashcroft – Lessons From a Father to his Son

John Eldridge – Wild at Heart, The Way of the Wild Heart

Donald Miller – To Own A Dragon

Gordon Dalby – Healing the Masculine Soul

Kenny Luck – Soar, Risk

Patrick Morley – The Man in the Mirror

Emerson Eggerich – Love and Respect


What books have you heard of or read that challenged you in the way you operate as a Godly man.  What has impacted you as a man, husband and father?

  1. Joseph Villa says:

    No More Christian Nice Guy by Paul Coughlin has really challenged me. I love it.

    • Paul S says:

      It shook me up and made me re-evaluate how I approached my faith. Keep the comments coming, we’d love to hear more from you!

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