Define Real Men

Posted: 2012 04 12 by Chris Goforth in Authentic Man, Biblical manhood, Fatherhood, Hardcore Christian Men, manhood, masculine

I had a good conversation with my son and friend this last week about being men.  The conversation began with – how do you define being a man.  What qualities should one have?  I shared my thoughts on the subject and a lot of what I have written about it.  In fact when this site began I put together a series entitled Real Authentic Men, which I had written for my son and gave him a copy of it.  I reminded him of it and he found it and we are going to revisit the list again.  My son will be 14 in June and since I first put together that series I have tried to instill in him those things I have written about.

The conversation with my friend revolved around qualities and characteristics men need.  The things the culture and society shove down our throat versus the truth of what Jesus has to say.  Did Jesus in fact make any statements about it? Why are men uncomfortable around other types of men? What is it about other men that threatens our masculinity?  If we are secure in who we are and how God designed us should that even matter?  Does wearing skinny jeans a v-neck t-shirts while drinking tea and listening to show tunes making you less as a man?

So I decided to post the question to our readers and hear your thoughts and ideas?  What would your responses be to the questions?  Ultimately what makes a man a man?  Is there things men shouldn’t be doing?

  1. Paul S says:

    I’m not going to answer, as I want to see the answers from our readers! So speak up, Men!

  2. Kevin says:

    A real man who has a heart for God. He values family and does all he can to provide for them, lead and guide them, he is a spiritual leader, and he knows and understands his weaknesses. He is not afraid of his weaknesses, he is able to strenghten and encourage others in his weakness. A real man is not perfect but knows and does his best to serve the only perfect man Christ the Lord. Where he falls short he leans on the Lord and encourages others to do so. This is not something that happens overnight in most cases from my experiences but can.He gives glory, honor, and praise to the Lord.

  3. Joseph Villa says:

    I strive to model these traits for my daughter everyday (shes’s 8). I want her to understand what a man is supposed to do for his wife and family, so she can someday marry a man that has those same traits. There is a difference being being nice and being good. Good men make God their #1 priority and pursue righteousness. Passivity is not a trait men should model.

  4. bobbalkcom says:

    I’ve always liked (and have taught to my sons) Robert Lewis’ definition…
    A real man:
    Resists Passivity (it’s part of the fall – we all struggle with it in differing degrees and times in our life)
    Accepts Responsibility (we’re responsible)
    Leads Courageously
    Expects a Greater Reward, God’s Reward.

    I think that’s a great definition. There was a day when all of the parts of that definition seemed daunting and hard to reach. I’ve learned it’s always a road to walk…much like our walk with Christ.
    We can’t do it alone.

  5. Dale says:

    15 Principals to Live By: This is from Squire (Year 1) of Knights of the 21st Century.

    1. First, Males are born, while Knights are forged
    2. A Knights is responsible for ALL of his choices
    3. A Knights world is constantly in motion
    4. Knight are amazing and every Man is of infinite worth
    5. Knights do whatever it takes; therefore, knights do what’s hard
    6. A Knight is dedicated to continuous learning
    7. Only the true you will get through
    8. A knight shapes the forest (culture) more than the forest shapes the knight
    9. The best way for a knight to predict his future is to create it
    10. A knight accepts that to live is to be challenged through crisis and hardship
    11. A knight never stands alone unless he is taking a stand
    12. A knight knows when to say “I was wrong” and humbly faces his errors
    13. A knight does not always get it right the first time, but he keeps on trying until he does
    14. A knight lives by his principles
    15. A knight submits to authority outside of himself

    Substitute “Knight” for Man of God, which is what we are learning to be, the man God has designed us to be. I hope that Knights of the 21st Century will not be upset by me sharing this. Check it out find a group doing Knights or get your church’s men to get this program and DO IT!, IT IS A GAME CHANGER!

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