Men we need each other.  It’s imperative for our lives. We need men who are willing to go the distance with us.  We need men who are willing to invest in each other’s lives for the long haul.  We need to be real, transparent and do life together.  We need to stop living behind lies that we have it all together, stop wearing masks, projecting the image our walk with Jesus is all good.

In reality it’s not that way.  Life is messy, we are in a spiritual battle and the enemy will stop at nothing to take us out.  He wants us to fail in every area of our life, lying wounded, empty and laying in a ditch.  It is when he has beaten us and worn us down that he finds victory.  If can take us out, then he has won.

In order for our enemy Satan to not take us out, we need brothers who when we are weak can lift us up.  If we live in secrecy and try to go it on our own, we will lose the battle and quickly.  When we expose the lies with truth, when we shine light into the darkness Satan wants no part of that.  To speak truth and have it spoken into us, is life affirming.  When we begin getting real about who we are, our struggles, our past and see all of it in the correct light, it brings freedom unlike any we will ever find.  When we are able to share this with another brother and know that he is still there, that is life changing.

Relationships don’t happen overnight like this, but they can and should be a part of our life.  My experience has been the more I pursue it and am honest about it; I have found other men who are just as serious about it.  Starting out can cause raise our anxiety levels, but if it is something you are really looking for you will find others who are looking for the same thing.  The key is being open and honest.   Start a conversation with a couple of guys; ask if they are interested in a true and authentic brotherhood.  Are they looking to do life and walk through it with you?

Once you find it, set the tone, what is this going to look like, what are the expectations, how is this going to look and play out.  Once you are both on the same page then begin doing life together, hang out, talk, open up and share about your life, share your story of where you have been, what God has done in your life and where he at right now.  As you go about this, it can shift and change, but be there for one another.  Life has twists and turns, but having a true brother who is willing to walk through it no matter what is what makes life worth it.

If you have every walked through life with other brothers, what was that experience like for you? 

  1. Kevin says:

    I like this post but am not a member of word press. This is related to military training and it’s effectiveness.

  2. bobbalkcom says:

    Authentic brotherhood/manhood is for every man.

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