Lesson learned – shingles belong on a roof, not on my body.

Posted: 2012 02 02 by Chris Goforth in Challenge, manhood, masculine, masculinity

Last weekend I was experiencing horrible headaches.  It was continual, started late Friday evening and continued through Sunday.  There was a continual sharp and jabbing pain concentrated on the right side of my head above my ear towards the back.  My scalp felt like it was being pulled all into that general area.  I continued about my weekend as normal, trying to just ignore the pain and enjoy it.

Saturday evening my wife gave me a nice long head massage and usually that does it, but this time it wasn’t helping.  Sunday afternoon I was starting to get worried and I actually shaved my head to see if we could see anything going on in that general area. We couldn’t really see anything, my wife thought the area I was talking about had a mark and was getting bigger.  I made it through till Sunday evening and the pain became even more intense.  I have a very high thresh hold for pain but I was getting to my max.  So I ended up going to the ER.  I was hooked up to oxygen, given an IV, had some neurological tests run as well as an x-ray taken of my head.  They were unable to determine anything but based on my symptoms ruled it out as a cluster headache.  I left and went home.  I stayed home from work on Monday and slept most of the day.  Tuesday I went to work and the pain was still intense and not going down so I made an appointment to see my doctor and went. He was able to diagnose me as having Shingles, he put gave me a couple of prescriptions for medicine and I went home.   Since then I have been at home lying on the couch, taking meds and sleeping.

I went through this about 10 years before.  I happen to be one of the few people who is lucky enough to get it for a second time.  Part of this is brought on by stress and in my case that seems to match up.  I am a Type A personality.  I am a perfectionist, striving for perfection and driven.  I plan out my weeks, live by the calendar and am not one to just spontaneously do things.  Vacations are tough for me, usually they are planned out and I know what it going to happen.  I hate having nothing to do and tend to get bored easily.

If you were to ask me if I feel stressed I would tell you know.  At this time in my life as opposed to 10 years ago I do not feel stressed out. I do carry a full load – work, a large family, ministry, friends, school and community.  I have learned over the years to invest myself in the areas God wants me and be committed to those.  I have also learned to even say “NO” to things and not overload myself.

However, given this has come up again I think it’s time to look at things.  Am I eating healthy – no, am I exercising – no.  Do I have guys in my life to do life with – no.  Do I go before God and leave my worries before him – no.

I can tell you that over the weekend the thoughts of brain cancer and aneurism continued to run through my mind.  I was scared to go to sleep for fear that I wouldn’t wake up.  I would leave my wife and kids and be out of the picture.  That is not what I want.  In fact I want to live a rich and full life and my goal is to live to turn 100.

So this week has given me much to think about and process.  Time to re-focus and put the things back in my life that I know I need and will help me in my journey to 100.  If nothing else, let this be a wake up call to you as well.  Let is shake some sense into you before a stroke or heart attack does.  I certainly know if I don’t do something serious and make it a life habit that is a very real possibility.  Our families deserve it.  God wants the best of us, not the exhausted worn out pieces.  We can do no good in that manner.

Are you putting into practice the things you need to live a long, healthy and productive life?

  1. Kevin says:

    Hope you get well soon, and I will put you in my prayers. Just Kevin.

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