Being the man God designed you to be

Posted: 2012 01 26 by Chris Goforth in Authentic Man, Biblical manhood, Challenge, manhood, masculine, masculinity, Production Values

I’ve been in some great conversations this week about our roles as men and our perception of ourselves vs. how God views us.  I have to say these conversations spoke were some of the best raw and real conversations I have had with men in a quite some time.

As men we grow up in a society that uses men like John Wayne, the Marlboro Man, Joe Montana or 007 to epitomize what men are supposed t o be.  There is this standard that is reinforced over and over and it saturates our culture.  If you are growing up to be a real man you must possess certain characteristics and qualities to be considered a “real man”.   I know this all too well growing up in a small country town and never fitting in.

As men growing up in this mind-set, what happens when you decide to follow Christ?  The Bible doesn’t speak directly to what it means to be a man.  It does give us an example in Jesus of what it means to be a Godly man.  Jesus speaks and demonstrates qualities to us that bump up against what society dictates.  For men who are sold out for Jesus and dedicate their lives to following him you have to realign your life with him and sometimes that can be incredibly difficult.  It’s counteractive to what we have been taught our whole lives.

Yet even in the church many of the activities we do are things that the world defines as being manly.  Men go hunting, shoot guns, play sports and poker games.  For many men, it again reinforces how we don’t fit in even at church and we feel less as men.  We question our abilities as men.  The questions run through our minds – What is wrong with me?  I not a real man.  I am not wanted here.  I will never fit in.  I ‘m not good enough to be a real man.  I don’t fit in the real world and I don’t fit in here at church.  The recorded message plays over and over in our head.

What we need to realize and understand is that God made each and every one of us.  God created us as men with gifts and talents, each unique and individual as we are.  As men we do have what it takes.  We have so much to offer.  We all play a part in the body of Christ.  Just because I don’t hunt or play sports, does not make me any less a man.  I can use my gifts and talents to glorify God.   There is nothing wrong with hunting, shooting guns or playing sports, they are activities that many men connect and enjoy and they should.  While those may not be the things you are interested in, why not take your likes and interests and use those to connect with similar guys.

When we get caught up in the lies we are less as men, doubt ourselves and our abilities. We become numb and immobilized.  God created us to take our place in his family and remain active.  Remember, God never once made a mistake in anything he has done.  His plan and ways are perfect and what you see vs. what he sees is so vastly different.  Anytime you begin doubting yourself, go back and read through stories of men in the Bible.  Many of them couldn’t understand why God would use them to accomplish his work.  You are a man; you have what it takes to be a man.  You are what God created you to be.  Any time you begin doubting that, stop that cycle and start telling yourself the truth.  You are all the man God wants you to be and he will continue to refine you as you grow, but you are all the man he created.

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