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Posted: 2012 01 23 by hardcoreguest in Biblical manhood, Movie

Today we have a guest post from a friend of mine that served in the 101st alongside me, though we didn’t meet until just last summer. He’s a good man who is growing daily in Christ. We spend time in conversation weekly and grow stronger through this brotherhood. Here’s Kevin—

Hello I am Kevin Bolt. I have been a Christian since I was about 12-13 years old. I was active in church in the children’s group, Royal Ambassadors, and then a youth group. In the Youth group I was allowed to participate in a mission trip to Mexico. I have had a lot of ups and downs in my walk with the Lord. I am currently a student at Criswell College working on getting my BA in Biblical studies and I plan on pursuing it further to get my Master’s with a certification in Christian Counseling, unless the Lord leads me on another path. I also am a part of a Men’s ministry at a local church here in Dallas. I served in the Army for 13 years, as a 63B Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic and was an E-6 upon leaving. I served in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alaska, Kosovo, South Korea and Iraq, leaving the service in 2006. When I was growing up my dad was serving in the Army for a short time of my childhood, where my family lived in Germany for three years, so I been around the world a time or two.

Prior to getting out and after I left the military there was some things that needed to be addressed. I sought answers and used many different sources. My sources came from the word of God, church and other men. This led me to be the singer of a worship band for about a year then to working with youth and assisting in a youth class at Piney Grove Baptist for about four years. During this time I was also allowed by the Lord to help participate in the preparation and completion of a huge Christian event in our small town where over 100 decisions for the Lord took place. My pastor at the time had me assisting with the youth group and invited me on conferences for ministry and to provide some assistance to our mission church in Mexico. I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping and hiking. I enjoy my time with my family. My relationship with the Lord, God’s call for me, my family’s relationship with Him and my family are what are important to me.

Above photo is part of my family including my daughters, son, niece and dog.

Let me introduce my random thoughts from the Cowboys and Aliens movie quote. 

“Surely you don’t expect the Lord to do everything for you, do you Doc? You got to earn His presence, then you got to recognize it and then you have to act on it.” This is a quote from a movie I recently watched by a character that was depicted as a preacher. It really sticks out to me because the fact of the matter is so many people believe this as truth.  It is not truth because there are some things that are untrue in it. This quote still stuck out to me and made me go yes, you are God and who am I?

First off we cannot earn God’s presence in the sense that we do good works in hopes that we will become good enough for God. The Scriptures tells us otherwise, it tells us our very best is filthy rags (Isa. 64:60), and it tells us all fall short of God’s glory. (Rom. 3:23) However that does not mean we do nothing. The only time we are acceptable to God is through the saving grace by faith found through Christ. This part God does offer to us. So in one way God does approach us for us to recognize Him. The way we are introduced is through grief, conviction, being broken or an endless number of ways possible, after all He is God.  He loved us while we were yet sinners Christ died for us (Rom. 5:8), This is a demonstration of God’s love toward us and revealing Himself to us and how we are restored to Him, and through Christ have everlasting life with God being saved (John3:16-17).

God offers us a free gift of salvation through His Son’s finished work, which took place for all of us who fall short on the cross, to come in His presence that we do not earn. However we have to recognize God calling us to Himself and it is up to us to act upon His call. The quote above is something to think about if you have the right tools to evaluate it. If one does not know the word of God or has not been taught the word of God it is easy to see how media or other people can give a misrepresentation of God and who He is and how He works. Do not get me wrong even I, as a Christian, cannot and do not know all the ways God works. The Bible teaches us His ways are far above our own. (Isa. 55:8-9)

One last thing I want to point out from this quote.  Some people in this day and age constantly ask, “If God is all powerful how come bad things still happen to people?” I am not answering that question but look at the quote. “You don’t expect the Lord to do everything for you, do you doc?” Why is it when bad things happen we blame God? Why if we are not successful do we blame God? Truth is God does not to everything that takes place in our lives but He is always there to pick us up and dust us off and attempting to get us on track. We still have free will. God did not want people to be like robots to serve Him because they have to, but He does want them to want to serve Him because they love Him and the things He does do for them daily. God will not do everything for you if He did one would never learn, grow, love and develop an appreciation of all that we do have. All too often we focus on what we don’t have and wonder why everything is not handed to us on a silver platter, if that was the case we would never appreciate or love what we do have and get daily.

Serving the Lord as He calls and trying to be a light in this world,Just Kevin.

  1. Gary Taylor says:

    Kevin and Paul,

    Just back in to the online life as I help my son launch his Deep Rivers Family Ranch (.com). Occurs to me, Kevin, with you current and future mionistry life, Deep Rivers could be a useful resource for families in crisis. If you think this has promise, let me know and I can mail a couple of brochures for the church.

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