When the Lord’s plan isn’t my plan…

Posted: 2012 01 18 by Paul S in Biblical manhood

What do you do when you’ve felt a call, you’ve followed that call, and you find that God has different plans?

How many times have you experienced this? What is it that God wants us to do when this happens? How are we to handle the fact that he wants us to follow our calling in a different way?

When this happens, I take a step back. I consider what is going on and why. I spend time in prayer and contemplation. I spend time listening to God. You might be asking why this topic, today. Last night, I found out that Dallas Theological Seminary did not accept me for the Spring semester. There is alot more information that I could put out here, but suffice it to say, they want me to get more experience in ministry and continue to develop my ministry skills. I will be reapplying for Spring of 2013 at their suggestion.

My response to this was at first despair. Laura and I returned to Dallas in January of 2011 because we felt a clear call to Dallas, DTS, and to return to ministry. This seemed to be God telling me that we had misunderstood, but God has used our time in Dallas to guide us to further growth in Him. Laura is persuing a Doctorate in Spiritual Formation, I started Hardcore Christian Men and am starting a discipleship program at Fellowship Bible Church Dallas.

After sleeping for a night, and going to a men’s ministry group this morning, I have decided to fast for the next 3 days. Speaking with a few of the men has helped me understand and feel better about the situation. While I thought God had me here just for seminary, God is using me to develop a men’s ministry discipleship program at fellowship. This discipleship program will grow to be available to all the men of the church, but for now, I am focusing on 25-35 y/o men, a group that is often forgotten. This seems to be God’s plan. God has me in this place at this time for His plan, not my own.

How many of us find God throws us a curveball just when we think we’ve figured out his plan?

  1. Hi Paul, thanks for sharing this experience. This is one of the experiences I write about in my memoir, “A Jamaican’s Journey to Time and Patience,” which comes out in the next two or three weeks. We all need patience and trust to wait on God when we are forced to live by his timetable and not ours. Blessings to you in this phase of your ministry while you wait for the DTS doors to open for you.

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