In what areas of your life are you most intentional about?  What are you putting your time and energy into?  Are you investing in your relationship with your wife, your kids or other family members?  Are you investing time into your job?  What about God, your community or neighbors?  How much time are you investing into the lives of others?

Being intentional is something God has shown me through the years and something I have tried to make a large part of my life.   The one thing I had to realize in making this a part of my life, was that as much as I was going to be intentional, not everyone would view it through the same lens or be willing to be as intentional as I was.  I have had to deal with rejection and not having it reciprocated in the amount I do it.  Rejection is never fun and can be extremely difficult to process.  The one thing I always remind myself is that the worst thing someone can tell you is no.

Intentionality plays out in my life in a variety of ways.  I am intentional with my wife and kids.  I set aside time to invest in them individually as well as weekly.  Every Tuesday is date night for my wife and I, as well as communicating through text or a phone call during the day.  We have also set aside the first 15 minutes I get home from work to go to our room shut the door and just talk with each other, diffuse from the day.  When it comes to my kids, I don’t work on Fridays so I can go to school and volunteer in their classrooms and be as involved in their education as I can.  I also set aside a day on the calendar each month where I take them out for a couple of hours and talk with them.  It allows me to find out what’s going on inside and it’s those areas that I can pray into.  This has been especially helpful with my oldest daughter in talking about boys, dating and how she should expect to be treated.

Through trial and error I have learned the importance of intentionally investing in the lives of other men.  Finding a common ground or connection and building on it.  Asking questions that get to their heart, what’s going on inside.  How can I support them through prayer and as a friend/brother.  Setting up a regular time to hang out, talk as well as just do life together through various activities. The best experience I’ve had was in my home, I built a community of guys who enjoyed playing games and each week I invited guys to come over and play games on Saturday night.  Week after week anywhere from 4 – 24 guys showed up at my house and we hung out, talked, ate/drank and played games.  For me this is a great memory.

When I engage in something I am demonstrating intentionality, with the purpose of being building relationships.  I purposely invest my time as well.  When I build relationships with most people, I continue caring about them and I attempt to stay connected with them.  Even if I am not in a continued close relationship with them, I still continue to check in and see how things are going.  For many folks my intentionality with them is going to be life long.  For some, changes occur and we move on with our lives.

Most importantly my relationship with God is about intentionality as well.  Each day I purpose to deepen my walk with him.  Through prayer, reading, church and relationships with other believers I am able to deepen my walk with him.  Many times I feel as though this relationship suffers the most when it should always be the priority.  I am being intentional in all the other things I can tend to forget he should be first.  After all he’s the reason I am being intentional with everyone else.

  1. jelillie says:

    I have loved reading this post over the last year! Thanks! I recently received the versatile blogger award and was asked to pass it on to another. You are one of my choices! I hope you will accept. Thanks again!

    • Thank you very much for that. I actually haven’t heard of it before, but it is very much appreciated that you would even think of us in that manner. We definitely appreciate your support and comments as we continue to grow.

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