Today’s post is more of a fact-finding post.  I’m genuinely interested to hear your thoughts and feedback.  Why do you go to church, what do you get out of it and what keeps you coming back?

Environment – are people engaging, welcoming and friendly.  Are they genuinely happy to see you?  Is there a rich and deep community of people who value you?  If you missed a week would the absence of your presence be felt? Is it a place to find safety and retreat from the world, where you can be around others who are like-minded?

Do you go for the coffee and snacks?

Aesthetics – do you like the colors, the decorations, candles, mood lighting?  Is the seating comfortable? Does the music stir your soul, get you heart beating?

Messages – do you go because the words that are spoken and taught from the Pastor and staff challenge you, do they move you?  Do they stir something in your heart?  Do you feel like God is speaking directly to you?  Does it change the way you go about your life?

Groups and activities – do you have a men’s group, delicious breakfasts or fun and challenging getaways.  Do you go to build relationships with others or make new connections?  Are you looking for a place to be real and honest with others and find accountability?  Do you need support in an area you are struggling with?

For me personally I have gone to church since I was 7 years old.  I made the decision at a VBS program.  I’ve been following Jesus since.  Some days I am better at that than others.  When my family started attending church it was at a Lutheran church that met in a Catholic church.  I was baptized and went through Catechism classes.  It was a really good experience, but really was lacking in a lot of areas.  We had no Youth Group and in high school I l left that church and started attending a different church in our town that had a Youth Group. I was able to grow and develop at that church.  It was during those years I attended where my faith really grew and developed for a young teenage guy.  I drew closer to God and spent many hours talking to him.

As I have grown and matured finding a church I could be invested in, serve and get fed has been one of the most important decisions in my life.  As I added a wife and kids it has shifted a bit, but the core of it is still the same.  I look forward to being actively involved in the church that we attend.  I go to hear a good message and be challenged, I like a message that will stay with me and really get me thinking.  There have been so many times where I felt the message being spoken was God speaking directly to me.  I like engaging in conversations with others and asking more than surface type questions.  I really want to know what’s going on in their life.  I am involved in a variety of groups and activities as a way to build relationships as well as be involved in life and community with others.

I take an active role in leadership in church because it is part of how God designed me.  My natural gifting is in leadership and administration and I want to use the gifts I have been give.  I also serve in different areas as a way of giving back and stay away from the mind-set of how will I get served.

Most importantly I believe in God, I believe in his word and why he sent his son for us.  I am desirous of growing in my relationships with God through a variety of means.  I am excited each week I get to go to the church we attend and be part of that community.  I long to see the lives of men challenged and changed.  There are countless reasons why I am actively involved in church.  I continue to pray and remind my wife should the day ever come where I become a pew warmer, that is the day she either kicks me or slaps me back to reality.

  1. Barry H says:

    Like yourself, I attend church for multiple reasons – but the central critical reason is that I believe it is where God has called me. It is where I hear Him most often and where I can serve. I do have relationships with a variety of people there. When I am absent, I miss it greatly – and several people will tell me that I was missed.

  2. Kevin says:

    I am not missed that I am aware of. I enjoy hearing the worship music and I enjoyed the message series about being in two worlds. Of course as of late, my attending Bible College and reading things I have to, causes more conviction on my life that need to be addressed than at church. In all honesty though, I have trust issues and any church I go to unless it is small, I question. There are many community groups but I have not felt completely connected to the one I am in, probably because of trust issues. I continue to work on this area. As for how it looks it is alright. I am an outdoors kind of guy so indoors only occassionally impress me with how they are decorated. If it looked like a bass pro show or a log cabin hunting resort oh man that would rock. But I do know any churches like this but I wouldn’t attend them if the presence of God and His spirit at work was not felt on occassions. I have yet to find a church that I feel the presence of the Spirit everytime I walk into it. I hope this was not negative, church is important and regardless of if it looks pleasing or not it is important for us to be in the sanctuary as often as we can weekly and even more than once a week like 2 or 3 times a week if able (IMO). It is all about the worship of God.

  3. Paul S says:

    Kevin, you are missed. The difficulty in a large church isn that ith multiple services, it’s hard to know if someone misses.

    I am interested in hearing the responses to these questions Chris has asked, keep em coming.

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