Changing the way we minister to men.

Posted: 2011 11 09 by Paul S in Biblical manhood, Hardcore Christian Men, Ministry

As many of you know, I’m in California attending a conference about building an effective men’s ministry. I’m learning a lot of new things that should be helpful to my church back home in growing our ministry. What I’m learning most is that we need to re-engage our men. Events aren’t the way to do this. While we might be able to draw the men in the church to an event, how do we engage them the other 364 days of the year?

Events should be used as a connection point, not just an attractor of men. While we have men at our events, we should be plugging them into groups. We can’t ask men to fill needs unless men are actively engaged in the church. Everyone is calling on our men to fill needs. Let me break this down a little.

Demands on a man’s time:

Work (Provision/Shelter/Food)

Family (Emotional Support)

Friends (Fun)

Church (Spiritual)

For many of the men of the church, church comes up short on the demand list, as the others get put at higher priority. However, as men are experiential, we can use the experience of a men’s oriented event to build into our mens’ ministry. While engaging the men at the event, take the next step. Connect your men with leaders in your ministry. Build your small groups out of the attendies. Your small group leaders can then build leaders out of the men in thier groups. This allows for a self perpetuating ministry. Without the connection, you don’t have this effect.

After I finish the program and get home, I’m going to give more detail into this, but for now. Start thinking about how you can build into your men in your church.

  1. bobbalkcom says:

    Check this out . I’ve been attending for three years. The guys who attend are from all walks of life and attend different churches. Friday mornings are Men Step Up mornings. These men get up early to dig into God’s Word, talk about struggles, build each other up – all are seeking to be the men God’s calling us to be.

    It’s not THE answer, but it’s one answer.

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