Late…But still running.

Posted: 2011 11 04 by Paul S in Biblical manhood

I was on the plane today flying to Los Angelos for a Men’s Ministry conference and trying to figure out what to write about. Because of all the difficulties with internet while traveling I’m running a little late with this, but I’m still going to get something up before the weekend. I started thinking about running a race.

I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with the Tough Mudder or Spartan Race, but they are both extremely challenging races that push the limits of a person’s mind and body. The races I am talking about are 10 miles or more with upwards of 18 grueling obstacles that can not all be completed without help. That’s what got me thinking about these races in relation to manhood. These aren’t truly races, they are challenges. While awards may be given to the guys and girls who win, the real praise is given just for finishing.



How many times do we as men feel like we are failing in our walk? What about when we feel like we just can’t go a step further without a helping hand. How many times do you just want to walk away from the challenge? The journey to Christian manhood and true masculinity is a lifelong one, one that is hard and will beat you down at times. And just when you think your getting to the end, you find another obstacle in front of you. Then someone reaches a hand out to pull you up and keep you going. That is where each of us come in. Will you lift a hand to help your brother continue the challenge? What about to a random stanger you see slowing down at the side of the path?

Until the Whole World Knows,


  1. Kevin says:

    Thought about competing in one of these actually. But I do not know much about them. I want to, just to say I did it. However, in my relations to my Christian faith. I want to because I love what has been done for me. I couldn’t fix me, only Christ could. Christ offered and I took it. Made me think of Peter stepping out of the boat he walked on water until he let the world shake his faith and Christ was right their for him He reached out His hand. Matthew 14:28-33 I am glad to have Family in Christ to support me and pray for me when I am struggling. Nice simple and to the point post.

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