Moving and Technology

Posted: 2011 10 26 by Chris Goforth in Biblical manhood

Today Paul isn’t able to post a regular post because he is moving into a new place and he doesn’t have all the current modern technologies in place to be able to share an awesome post.

He will be back soon and share some more of his amazing writing skills with us.

Thank you for your continued support of this site.  We appreciate you reading what we share and providing us with your feedback.































  1. Mike Rutter says:

    Have a good move Paul!! I know how challenging it can be. I will pray for you in your transition.

    • Paul S says:

      Thank you! We are moved, and had some help from my parents in unpacking today… Two rooms down, 5 to go (6 when you count the garage!). Thankful for the help, but exhausted from the work…and with broken ribs none the less!

      I hope your move went well. How are you liking your new station?

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