The Deafening Roar of Silence

Posted: 2011 10 14 by Paul S in Biblical manhood

Have you ever just sat in the silence and listened? I have recently taken to doing this at times. It gives me the opportunity to think without the distractions of my computer, books, and even the world for a bit. It also gives me a chance to speak to God and feel his presence. Before any of you think I’m having hallucinations or something, I’m not talking about hearing voices or seeing him in the flesh. I won’t say those are impossible things, only that I have not experienced them. God can do anything, that is why I won’t discount the possibility.

What I am talking about here is spending time apart from all the distractions of our daily lives and focusing on God. I order to achive the purposes God has given to us, we have to spend time in communion with Him. We have to spend time in meditation with Him. I’ve been spending alot of time doing this, and what I have found is that the sound of the silence is a deafening roar. In listening to the silence, I find my thoughts and ideas often take me in a direction that I would never have guessed. I believe that this is when I listen best to God’s guidance, when I have separated myself from the things of this world and set aside the distractions.

When’s the last time you listened for the deafening roar of silence?

Until the Whole World Knows,


  1. evocativepower says:

    Silence is the easy part. Being alone is harder. As Leonard Cohen sang in “The Sisters of Mercy”, “When you’re not feeling holy, your loneliness tells you your sins.”

    • Paul S says:

      I agree. Now the question is, is it your lonliness telling you your sins? Or is it the Holy Spirit that we as believers are indwelt with? Seems to me that we know that as broken and fallen people, we may never look at ourselves in judgement if not for the Holy Spirit holding a mirror up before us so we can see ourselves as he sees us.

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