How do we know when we achieve the title of “man”?

I’ve heard it said that you are a man when you don’t have to ask if you are a “man”?

That might be true, but it might not. I’ve said before that I believe the journey to manhood is a lifelong journey. I’m not saying that we aren’t men before we die, but that we continue on the journey throughout life. The reason for this belief goes back to where I find the example of manhood. The Bible. Primarily the Gospel, but also in the Old Testament and the Epistles. In most of the books of scripture, we are given examples of men whom we can live like. Men with sin and failure as part of thier lives, but also with success and faith in God leading to salvation. In four books, the Gospel: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; we are shown an example that none of us can achieve, the example of Jesus Christ. We are also shown 12 men who try to live up this his example and fail.

In mentioning Jesus, I want to point out that here is a man, sinless and pure, who was sacrificed for the sins of all mankind. Obviously, you and I can’t match this example. What we can do is work toward this example. This journey is one that we will never get 100% right, but its also one that we can follow. So here’s my challenge to you:

Will you stand up and follow The Man, Jesus Christ? Will you spend time studying his walk and learning how to follow him? Will you make every effort to follow him, and when you fail, be honest with yourself and your brothers? Will you pick yourself up and continue down the road He has led you down?

Until the Whole World Knows,


  1. headandheartministry says:

    One of my favorite role models in the Old Testament is David. Though I have failed God miserably at times, I still seek Him and desire to serve Him. While I can never be exactly like Jesus, I do strive to follow in His footsteps. This is opposite of the world’s view of a real man, but I am not here to please the world, but to please God. I just thank Him for grace and mercy new each day.

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