A few days ago I posted this: Men Wanted and promised more info. Here it is!

Ernest Shackleton was looking for 27 men, what he got was 5000 applicants. In 1914, 5000 men were so tired of the life that they had been living that they applied for Shakleton’s journey. These men were so hungry for a challenge that scientists, sailors, and tradesmen alike applied.

What is the challenge that would activate this kind of masculinity in today’s Christian Man?

Shakleton knew not only how to speak to a man’s need for challenge and adventure, but also how to lead his men.

“Shackleton’s first thought was for the men under him. He didn’t care if he went without a shirt on his back so long as the men he was leading had sufficient clothing.” –Lionel Greenstreet, First Officer

This is the leadership that we as Hardcore Christian Men must show. This is the challenge we must rise to. God calls us to be men and lead our families and the Church.

What areas do you see in your local church that need leadership?

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