Today we have a guest post from Grant. Grant and I met shortly after I returned to Dallas as I was searching for manly men to do God’s work with. With his leadership of Breakdown Ministries, Grant shows he is a great example of biblical manhood, but I’ll let him tell you a little more of why I think this. So without any further delay, here he is!



I was born in Montgomery, Alabama but have lived in Lewisville, Texas since I was in kindergarten. I begrudgingly grew up in church my whole life. My mom was always dragging me there and words cannot express how much I hated it. I knew the ins and outs of church, Christians, God, and to some degree, even the Gospel. However, it never seemed appealing. I knew God needed to be a priority in my life and even had plans for him to be one in the future, but until then I wanted to have fun. I always had a lot of animosity towards Christians and the church which I let repel me from a relationship with God. I was the kid in youth group that stood out like a sore thumb. It was clear that I didn’t want to be there. A big part of my rebellion was against this certain type of Christian boy who would be smiles 24/7, pants pulled up way too high, over the top manners and obedience, and honestly what seemed to be a very fake and lame guy to be. It was routine for my mom to question me on why I couldn’t be like the other boys at church. I would constantly think, “If becoming a Christian means I have to dress like that, act like that, and talk like that, I assure you I will never be a Christian.” The two blockades between me and God were my idea of what becoming a Christian meant and my priorities when it came to a relationship with God. My deal wasn’t that I didn’t believe in God, my deal was that I didn’t want to follow the killjoy God until I needed the ticket into Heaven.

It wasn’t until God stripped me of the gods I was so heavily devoted to that I could even think reasonably. Within a month I had a monumental break up with my girlfriend of two and a half years and been dropped off the JV basketball team. I randomly attended a new church and felt a deep guilt for pushing God off for so long; knowing his importance but waiting until I could use Him for my eternal advantage. The next service I was blown away that I was still loved by God despite my persistent rebellion. On March 8, 2006 “God replaced my heart of stone with a new heart and a new spirit” (Ezekiel 32:26)

Once I sincerely embraced the Gospel I could not stop evangelizing. God ignited a passion within me to tell everyone I knew that being a Christian was far more than what the majority of us have been lead to believe. It has been nearly five years since my conversion and I am now on my third year at The College at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. God has surrounded me with an unbelievable group of guys that are consumed with elevating God’s name. I currently am a member of The Village Church in Flower Mound.


3 Reasons Why Men Need Missions & Why Missions Need Men

1: Men Influence Everything

 It all starts with influence. Men, primarily married men with children,direct the future. They heavily influence the current and upcoming generation.We definitely see this in the church. There seems to be a shift in the presentation and focus of the American church. Over the past couple decades the American church was catered towards women. The average man would endure church only because his wife or girlfriend dragged him there.  Now we are starting to see men that are rough around the edges become pastors. There was some kick back from this but ultimately these pastors focused on men. And the response? Men actually wanting to come to church and know the Lord. Why does this matter? According to statistics, when fathers are the first in the home to become Christians, there is a 93% probability that their families will follow.If the mother becomes a Christian first, this chance plummets to 17%. If a child becomes a Christian first, it falls to 3.5%. (Focus on the Family) I could go on and on about how the church with its music, decorations, dress, and even portrayal of Jesus has been feminine in the past. But the point is this,there must be a balance and maybe even more focus on the men. I believe this statistic backs that up. 

2: A Missional Life Leaves a Legacy

 Clearly, the man of the household influences his family when it comes to following Christ. But what about the way he lives out his faith? My desire is to see men lead their families in living missionally. Each of us have memories of our father. Whether it be how he use to take us to the park, ride bikes with us, or play football with us. It is even common for many of us to say, “Iremember we were in church every Sunday.” This is where the opportunity lies.Instead of making childrens’ memories of Christianity going to a building every Sunday, what if it were serving people? What if it were loving people? What if it were, “Dad always had our neighbors over; sometimes to have fun, sometimes to let us play with their kids as they ate dinner, sometimes for Bible studies.” Let’s take it a step further. Imagine if the next generation could say, “I remember regularly going downtown to help the needy. I remember going down the street to serve people in our own community. I even remember going to Asia or Africa” Memories like this shape the way children decide to raise their children. What if the next generation naturally served people and when asked, “Why?”their answer was, Why not?” What if our children served because they couldn’tfathom not loving their neighbor? It was all they knew. What kind of legacy are we leaving for our children?

3: Christianity Without Missions Is Boring

 All this explains why missions need men. But in the end, men also need missions. When being a Christ follower is no more than showing up to church on Sunday, men get bored with Christianity and eventually walk away towards something more appealing. This bar is far too low and as Matt Chandler often says, “Church is a lame hobby.” Missions offer two facets that men need. They need responsibilities and they need to be challenged.  God is very clear on what we need to do. Make disciples. The great thing about missions is that God leaves where and how up to us. He gives us a heavy responsibility and challenges us to go out to all the nations of the world. You can go down the street, to the next cubical, to another country, or to an unreached tribe. When a man understands that God has entrusted the most beautiful life-changing message in the world with him that is when men step up to the plate. We were designed for this. Just listen to men that have taken up their call for missions. Their words bleed boldness, not boringness.

“Father, make me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a mile post on a single road; make mea fork, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.” Jim Elliot


“Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell;I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell.”

C.T. Studd

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