Masculine Humanity

Posted: 2011 07 07 by Paul S in Biblical manhood

I got sent a video today that seems like just another video, until the disable man singing starts to have a hard time. It is then, when many would make fun of him, that the crowd lifted him up with thier own voices. I decided to share it with you today as an example of a masculine response, instead of tearing someone down, give them the positive support that they need to finish what they began.

Both the autistic man and the crowd show masculinity, and the crowd shows true humility and patriotism. How can we show this kind of masculity in our daily walks? I am making a concentrated effort to understand when someone does not live up to my expectations. I am also working to find ways to better respond to my own failures and those of others. True masculinity is not showing anger at another’s failure, but showing support and helping them reach success.

Until the Whole World Knows,


  1. Jim F. says:

    I love that – thanks for sharing it Paul. It truly is the masculine response.

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