Independence Day

Posted: 2011 07 04 by Paul S in Biblical manhood



What is different about American culture today? Two hundred and thirty-five years ago, English colonists living in the 13 colonies in the Americas declared themselves free from English rule. The men involved in this revolution were farmers, soldiers, hunters, and politicians. While some may want to point out that not all of these men were Christian, and that at least a few were deists and did not believe that Christ performed any supernatural miracles, I remember that they ensured a freedom that we see being stripped away daily. Whether they believed Jesus’ crucifixion provided salvation or not, they believed that we, as Americans, should have the right to practice our religion. Our freedom to worship is protected by a document written by men who were willing to sacrifice their freedoms, their reputations, and possibly thier lives in the effort to gain independence from England.

Tomorrow, posts will return to normal. Today, I ask that you take a few moments to remember these men who laid it all on the line to guarantee that thier ancestors would be able to worship whomever they chose. It is because of these men that I am able to pray openly in the street… I hope that thier sacrifice is not forgotten as God is driven from every public place and government building.


Until the Whole World Knows,


P.S. For those of you who noticed a post removed a few days ago, this was for protection of a few pastors in persecuted countries. I will be rewriting this post and reposting it soon, but with changes. Sorry for having to pull it down.


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