A little while ago, I talked about duty to God. This is a big duty, and it is definitely the most important, but I have other duties as well. First and foremost of these is a duty to others. But what does that mean? What is a duty to others? Scripture tells us that we as men have responsibilities to others. Three of these are:

Spiritual Leadership of the family

Providing for the family

Protecting the family

These are not all of our duties to others, but just a few. It’s a difficult thing to accept these duties. If I have to worry about taking care of the needs of others, when do I get to take care of my own needs? In taking care of others, we are given the ability to take care of ourself. When I work to provide a roof over my family’s head, I also put a roof over my own head. In putting food on the table, I put food on my table. When I protect my family, while I may place myself a risk in the act of protection, I increase my own safety as well. When I spend time in spiritual development of my family, I spend time in my own spiritual development.

In following our duty to others, we also follow our duty to God. He has given us these duties to others. Will you accept your duty?


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