I’m Back!

Posted: 2011 06 06 by Paul S in Biblical manhood

After having major computer issues that ended with a hard drive failure that may have left me with about 160 gb of lost data, I’m back. To put it simply, I almost come to tears at the loss. On the other hand, I have a new computer now. You could call it a laptop, but that’s like calling a Ferrari a car. I didn’t know they made laptops with 19 inch monitors! Okay, back to the point. Things are changing around here. If you notice, we’ve got a new writer, we’ve had a couple of writers take a break, and we may have another one joining us next month. I’m also talking to a third who would be an awesome addition to the team.

This month is an amazing month for me. I work for a ministry here in Dallas which brings 25+ pastors to Dallas Theological Seminary each summer for an intensive training seminar. We flew them in over the last week and their classes began today. I am amazed by some of the conversations I am having with these guys. I hope to tell you more soon, but I’ll give you some pieces of conversation now.

In speaking with a pastor from Africa, I was told about the police surrounding him to protect him as he preached in public. Then another gave me permission to photograph him even though it could be dangerous for him if his countrymen saw it.

In speaking to the pastor from China, he said I was a hero when he found out I served in Iraq in the same brigade that he watched on Band of Brothers. I explained to him that I’m not a hero, but I’m doing my best to be one for future generations.

These men are from all corners of the world, they have every imaginable skin tone, they speak more languages than I can remember. They share the common bond of being the rising generation of Christian pastors leading the Church globally. These 26 men are building friendships and networks which will help them continue to grow thier ministries and the Church tomorrow. I envy them. They are the heroes today.

Until the Whole World Knows,



  1. Jim F. says:

    Glad you are back and with a fresh new laptop.

    Is the program for Pastor’s the one that helps then find their strengths in ministry and does an in depth ministry profile on them? I worked for a Pastor who went to D.T.S and then went back years later and went through a course like that.

    Anyways – I love meeting Pastors from other places – they really are hero’s in many ways.

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