Yesterday I talked about the “Bad Boy” and the qualities that attract women to him. I encouraged you to consider your own qualities and if you shared anything in common with the “Bad Boy.” I’d be curious to know what each of you thought, but that’s for another time. Today we are going to talk about power.

Power is an interesting thing. It’s hard to define, as we all seem to have different definitions of it. As Christians, we recognize that God has infinite power, but what does that mean? Does that mean he can lift anything? Does that mean he can control anything? Does that mean he is limitless? The answer is yes, to all three of those questions and more. So how can man possess power?

In creating man in His image, God has bestowed some power on us through creation. This power is muscular. Many of the “Bad Boy” types we despise have this power, but many of you have it as well. “Bad Boys” have learned to harness their strength, have you? I’m not saying we all need to be muscle bound giants, but I am saying that we need to be willing to use the muscles God has given us to do more than just move. Last night, I was talking with Laura (my wife) about this and she mentioned that I could pick up heavy things and that has expanded her possibilities so much. This is the kind of thing that women like. They like to know that their husbands can handle things they cannot.

This brings me to my next point, power is not always physical strength. I’m not sure who the first person to figure out the lever was, but that person multiplied a man’s strength exponentially. This person showed power in multiplying man’s strength. The power he showed was the power of his mind. Through using his mind, he was able to do far more than he could using only his physical strength. The power of intelligence is another power God has given us through creation. You can look around you and see that some of the Christians you know are not very bright, and some of them are brilliant. You will also notice that some of the “Bad Boys” are brilliant, and some seem to have a box of rocks upstairs. God has given us different levels of intelligence for a reason, but are you ready to find out? God’s gifts are given for you to fill a part in His plan. Intelligence is one of these gifts. Make sure you are using it to increase your ability to bring Him glory.

The third power that man possesses is the power of spiritual gifting. God has gifted each of His followers with spiritual gifts. These gifts give us a power that the “Bad Boys” can never have. What is your gifting? Has God given you gifting in leadership? Or maybe mercy? What about administration? All of these and more are strengths that God gives us, and skill in these is attractive to women. A Christian woman wants to see that a man uses what is given to him to further the Kingdom. This is an area that can never be filled by the “Bad Boy.”

Show her your power. Let her see that you are using God’s gifting to you to further His Kingdom, not your own. She her you will use your abilities to protect her, even when you don’t think you can.

Are you using your power?

Or letting it go to waste?

Until the Whole World Knows,


  1. Jim F. says:

    Excellent points and Post.

    • Paul S says:

      Thanks, Jim. I’d love to hear what you and the rest of our readers think is important to attract and keep a good Christian wife.

  2. Don says:

    What do you think of this case?

    That’s me, Fred, posting in it. Would like your opinion of my thoughts about the incident I discuss and the Christian woman in the incident.
    Look how she wasted her virginity on that bad boy, and totally ignored her male friends in her church.
    I like a lot of what you say but I think there’s more to it if a Christian woman goes out and has a one-night-stand with such a player, while ignoring the Good Guys like I was when I was single.

    • Paul S says:

      Don. Sorry for the long wait for approval on this. I was unplugged for a few days (since last WEDNESDAY!!!!!AAARGH!) I’m going to take a look at this and get you a response. Probably Tuesday at the soonest.


    • Paul S says:

      Not really sure what to say here. This example shows passive Christian men showing a Christian woman that she was not desireable by not persuing here, while the “bad boy” persued her. Even if he treated her poorly, he treated her with desire.

      Just as men are visual and our sex drives are largely connected to our perception of things, women’s sex drives are largely emotional. If a woman does not feel desired, she will seek someone that does desire her. If Christian men remain limp-wristed, passive boys, then Christian women will turn to others for their emotional needs. It is in these environments that these situations occur.

      Remember, it is possible to persue a woman without being crude or treating her poorly. It is also possible to show a woman that she is desired without crossing any lines and sinning. Oh, and if you show her that you desire her, but you also respect her and God’s commandments, you’ll find she is more attracted to you.

      Just my two cents on this.

      • Paul S says:

        One more thing, I’m not talking about lust when I say desire. I am talking about making her feel attractive. . Making her feel like she is important to you, not just physically, but as a person.

  3. Don says:

    Thanks for your response. Saw myself in that posting.
    A shy guy in my 20s, was like one of the woman’s church guy friends — too afraid to approach women and ask them out until I woke-up @25-26….

    Had like 4-5 single dates in college and not that many more the immediate years after college.

    Interesting how I think I did better at dating in high school, when I wasn’t so interested in a relationship, where I lost my virginity before becoming of faith the next year in college.
    Didn’t have any kind of sex — nor any handholding, hugging or kissing !!! — until 25-26……..

    As I turn 50, see all the mistakes I made and try to help other guys.

    If I’d known some of this stuff you write about and things I read online, about not being timid and approaching women in church and church singles groups, etc., may not have been single until my mid-30s…

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