Black Hats, Black Leather, Boots, Piercings, Tattoos, and Tough Attitudes. You know the guy I’m talking about. The one that is always causing trouble and treating her like crap. The one that smokes, rides the Harley, cusses and doesn’t respect authority. He’s also always got the girl. Sure, she’s your friend, but she’s more than friends with him. Why aren’t any interested in you like that? Why does the “Bad Boy” always get the girl?

This is the beginning of a series on dating.  A few weeks ago, one of our regular readers asked for us to talk about relationships. Well, here’s the first step. I feel that we have talked about things that effect relationships greatly. If you are a single guy who is wondering about this topic but is still facing the struggles we have talked about, focus on those first, or you’re just setting yourself and the girl up for disappointment. If you are still dealing with them, but have started the process, then you can think about moving forward.

Let’s look a little more in depth at the “Bad Boy” type. He’s the biker, the cowboy, the soldier. His life is one of power, rage, and resistance. He’s always drinking, and he’s always fighting. He laughs at guys like you as he comes and picks up the girl, leaving you standing alone and wondering what happened. He’s a jerk. He’s using her. He doesn’t really care about her. Why does she fall for him?

Prince Charming?

Black Knight

She falls for him because he’s the closest she can find to what she really wants. She’s looking for that Prince Charming…and she get’s the Black Knight. There are psychological reasons and cultural reasons we have to consider. I mentioned above that he lives a life of power, rage, and resistance. Another way to see those characteristics is strength, passion, and independence. These things are what attract a woman. A woman wants you to have strength to defend yourself and her. You can only do this with the power that God gave you. The power you have hidden in your pursuit of being “nice.” She wants you to have passion for life and for her, but for God first. At least the rage of the “Bad Boy” shows passion for something. What shows your passion? Most of all she wants you to be independent. I’m not talking about running of at the drop of a hat, but I am talking about wanting you to have a life of your own. She wants to know that you want to be with her, but that you also have other things to spend your time on.

I’m going to go more in depth on these over the next week or so, but let me leave you thinking on this… What characteristics of the “Bad Boy” do you have? Do you have any at all?

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