Congrats Paul!

Posted: 2011 05 05 by Jeremiah Alsbrook in Hardcore Christian Men
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Earlier this week Paul contacted me and asked me if I would be willing to post an article since he would be out of town attending his graduation ceremony.  I told him that it would be no problem at all.  I wrestled with what to write about, but then something dawned on me.  Being in the ministry I know what it’s like to pour your life into something and never be acknowledged for it.  Although I am aware that our reward is in heaven, it is nice to have a little encouragement every now and then.  So today I want to firstly congratulate Paul on his graduation but more importantly I want to thank him for doing his very best to be a hardcore Christian man.

Ironically enough, Paul and I have never met face to face.  We crossed paths about a year or so ago via a forum for Christian gamers.  I know…. I know we’re nerds.  We began chatting about theology here and there and started playing a few video games together.  The interesting thing was that the majority of our conversations had nothing to do with the game.  We didn’t talk about the tank that was blowing us to bits or the Apache that was strafing our spawn.  We always somehow managed to talk about Jesus and different aspects of the Bible.  Paul then began to let me know about his heart for ministry and that he wanted to see people get saved!  His driving passion was to see people grow in Jesus after that salvation experience.  We talked on a rather consistent basis about the lack of maturity amongst most Christians, especially the male demographic.  To further complicate the problem the large majority of men showed no initiative whatsoever in growing their faith.  This was probably the topic that dominated the majority of our conversations.

However, Paul and his wife were moving, and he seemingly dropped off the face of the earth for a bit. But once they got settled in, he resurfaced online. This time Paul had a plan and what I believe to be a God given one at that.  He began talking to me about this idea for a website to help Christian men along in their faith.  A site that would give men small bits of Scripture and teaching that when applied would strengthen that faith.  Since its inception Hardcore Christian Men has had somewhere around 2400 views.  Paul sacrifices his time nearly each and every day to write about what the Lord has laid on his heart in hopes of impacting Christian men all over the world.  So today, I want to tell Paul congrats and thank you for being a hardcore Christian man.

In Christ,


  1. Mike says:

    Congrats on your graduation!!! It is a hard road and you have made it! Good job and may God be with you for the next step in your life!

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