Some of you reading through this blog may have a question, a potentially dangerous question, one that could send you down a path that there may be no return from. What if I don’t struggle with the things that many men do? What if I don’t have issues with lust, or passivity, or a host of other things that plague men on this Earth? Even though you may not necessarily be asking yourself this right now, even if you do still struggle with these things, you do hope to get to the point one day where you are free from them, yes? So there it is, laid out for you. What happens when you conquer the big struggles in life? What if you never had to deal with some of them? Does that mean you are the perfect man? Certainly not, nor do I mean to suggest any such notion, but what does it mean? It means every man is different, which means we will all struggle with different things. There are certain things that men, in general, tend to be susceptible to, but that doesn’t mean we are all victims to those things. This also means that you may struggle with something that many other men do not. This is why it is important to have a realistic picture of your strengths and weaknesses. You need to know the things you will tend to fall into so that you can guard against those things on a daily basis.

In my life, I can honestly say that I don’t struggle with things like porn or passivity. My wife has taken notice that I don’t have these issues, with some surprise at first. However, I am nowhere near perfect and I struggle everyday with what my calling might be as I don’t feel like I’m there yet. That’s my burden, what’s your’s? It’s for you to evaluate, but you have to be honest, maybe even ask those close to you for their observations.

After that discussion on the weaknesses of men I will end with this story to illustrate one man’s quiet strength. A friend of mine recently went toe to toe with cancer. A lump on the side of his finger turned out to be a tumor which could have been a very aggressive type of cancer. It Count the Fingerswas decided that the best choice would be to remove the entire finger to reduce or, hopefully, eliminate the risk of the cancer spreading. Think about how your life would change if you were missing the middle finger of your left hand. It’s hard to fathom. However, his trademark upbeat attitude prevailed and even spread to those around him. He himself was bringing comfort to those who were there to comfort him. Even though he has issues to deal with in his life, just like the rest of us, his strength was there in a situation that desperately needed it.

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