As this is my first post on this blog, or any blog for a while at least, I have decided to keep it simple.  I do appreciate Chris’ post from earlier today because it goes right along with what I have here.  If you would like to see some background info on me, you can find it here.

A Manly Pastime

There are many activities and characteristics that are generally associated with men and manliness, most of which don’t have anything to do with being a man.  Things like sports, drinking beer, fixing things, being into fast cars, driving a truck, crying, hunting, providing for the family, not crying, taking out the trash, mowing the yard, and so on.  Some of these things apply to me, some do not, the point is that none of them matter.  I could tell you all kinds of ideas and philosophies about what it really means to be a man, many of which can be found on this website, and alot of it is true.

I will tell you a story that falls into my idea of what it means to be a man.  This afternoon I was looking at something online while my wife was catching up on some things she was behind on.  At one point she started to ask me to help her with something and then stopped.  I put my laptop down and helped her anyway.  As I was thinking of something to write in my first post it occurred to me, this is part of what it means to be a man, helping my wife with something, something very small, even though she didn’t really ask.  You’ll probably see some more in depth philosophy from me later, but I thought this simple thing spoke to the heart of the matter.

  1. Paul S says:

    Great post, Brian. Glad to have you with us. I can’t wait to see more of your thoughts here. I know my wife loves it when I stop messing with the computer to help her with something.

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