Yesterday I started telling you about the need for Hardcore Christianity to forge heroes of men. I gave the Webster’s dictionary definition of hero:

a: A mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability.

b: an illustrious warrior

c: a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities

d: one that shows great courage.

I spent some time talking about being admired for noble qualities (Character). Today, let’s examine the fourth definition, one who shows great courage. All men respect courage. Soldiers are often thought of as heroes for their willingness to serve in combat. In fact before I served in combat, I thought courage was the ability to not be afraid of anything, because soldier never looked scared. When I was there, I realized I was wrong. Courage is the ability to perform even though you are afraid. I saw many guys who were scared while there, but I saw very few cower or hide from their duty. These men showed courage in the face of fear.

How does this apply off the battlefield though? Where does the everyday guy face his fear on a normal day? There are many examples of real world courage that is seen daily. I could tell you about the fireman running into a burning building, or the EMT going in to pull someone out of a overturned car, or a police officer stepping in front of a child to protect them from violence, but I won’t. I’d prefer to go with a little more uncommon courage. The most uncommon courage. The courage to stick to your beliefs, even when it could hurt you.

What would cause you to deny Jesus? Simon Peter lost his courage in the face of possible torture or death, though he had it later when he stood through persecution and possibly crucifixion. What would cause you to deny, or simply act against, your beliefs? Could you stand against persecution like Stephen did? Are you willing to stand up for Christ against all comers? These two underground church priests in China are. Everyday, Christians around the world face persecution daily, but most of us in America don’t, or do we.

Are you comfortable sharing your beliefs with your co-workers? What about your neighbors? When you run into an old friend and spend time catching up, do you find out about their walk with God? Jesus told us that we are to carry the message to all nations, and baptize them in the name of the Trinity (Matthew 26:19-20). To show courage as an everyday man, follow this direction. Jesus told you to go and spread the word. You talk about sports, cars, and women; why not talk about the way to eternal life instead, or even as well. To show courage as a Christian man, you have to be willing to risk your brothers feelings or friendship in His name. If they are true friends, they’ll stick around, and even want to know more in the long run.

What about in romantic relationships? If you are married, this doesn’t apply so much to you, but it’s still good to pass on to your children. Courage is stopping yourself from violating God’s commands to do with sexual immorality and adultery. Just because culture says that you have to sleep with your girlfriend, and both you and she want to, doesn’t mean you should. Courage is saying “No” and stopping yourself, even when both of you want to. If you lose the girl, it was worth it. You have kept yourself on the right path, God’s path.

Courage is standing firm for what you believe in. Placing yourself at odds with society and culture at times. Putting yourself in the line of danger at others. Having courage isn’t about charging into battle on the front lines, it’s about not running from the battle and meeting it head-on. This is the courage that can make you a hero. Are you ready to join me on the line?

Until the Whole World Knows,


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  1. Jim F. says:

    Excellent thoughts that are challenging – thank for sharing them Paul!

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