In case you looked at this title and thought that I am saying we here at Hardcore Christian Men are a forge of heroes, I’m not. Christianity is. But not just any brand of Christianity. The kind of Christianity that calls you out, challenges you, pushes you to be the man the God created you to be, and the kind that won’t take no for an answer. We are just trying to be one of the hammers. We may strike some of the blows, you may feel sparks fly, but we aren’t the only source of influence, nor would we want to be.

We as Christian Men have to be heroes. Think about it. What is a hero? Webster’s dictionary  tells us that a hero is:

a: A mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability.

b: an illustrious warrior

c: a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities

d: one that shows great courage.

Does that sound like a description you would like to have out next to your name? Think about it, wouldn’t you love for your tombstone to read like this:


I know I’d love it. So the question going through your head now should be, “How do I get that attached to my name?” Look again at the definition of hero. Let’s ignore a and b for now and move on to c. “A man admired for his achievements and noble qualities.” What is Jesus if not this? Jesus calls us to be men after His own heart. Think about who has been described before as being a man after God’s own heart. David. King. Warrior. We can’t be heroes without Him, but we aren’t always heroes even with Him. So what does it take? We need to develop our character. Remember when you were a kid and your Granddad commented that something “built character,” he knew what he was talking about. Character comes down to being a man that can be depended on to do what’s right and what needs to be done, even if it doesn’t benefit him, or even worse, hurts him.

I remember many times in Boot Camp when I would be tired, hurting, and fed up with all the Drill Sergeants, but in the heat of the forge, we can’t just give up, so I pushed through. During our final field training exercise, on the live fire range, I went over the wall, only to have the biggest guy in the platoon (who was right behind me) crawl over my ankle, causing a sprain. I crawled 100 meters through mud, brush, and grass with bullets whizzing over my head. My Granddad was looking down from Heaven saying, “Don’t worry, Paul, that’s character.” Two days later my company went through the forging ceremony, each striking blows on a blade to signify our joining the ranks of soldiers.

So how do we forge character? We spend time thinking about our actions. Chris is writing about elements of our character over in his Real Authentic Man series, check it out, there’s some guidance there. The best place to look for guidance is scripture. Start with the Gospel, look at how Jesus acts. Examine His character. He’s your goal. Look at other biblical men. Abraham. Moses. Peter. Timothy. Paul. Samuel. David. Were any of these men perfect? Nope, they all sinned, and scripture shows us how they sinned and how they suffered for their sin. Remember I talked about David earlier. I called him a warrior and a king. What I left out is that he was also a murderer and an adulterer. This tells us that we don’t have to be perfect, but we have to keep our eyes on God and our boots on the ground following His calling. When David decided to stay back and send his army out to war without him, he slipped and slept with Bathsheba, and then he made it worse and killed her husband. He repented and moved on. That is what we have to do. Repent and move on.

If you mess up, that’s ok, but you need to make things right. Apologize to the person you wronged and to God. Ask for their forgiveness. Mean it. If you don’t you’re just doing it to check a box and move on. That’s not having character, that’s trying to fit a mold, because it’s what you are supposed to do. If you’re having a hard time with this, pray. Tell God what you need help with. He knows what you need, but saying it out loud can sometimes help you accept His help with it.

I’m going to write more on this at a later time, but I urge you to spend time thinking about this. Seek out character. Scripture tells us that desiring to be an elder is good; well I think desiring character is the same. Don’t be ashamed that you want character. Ask your buddies how your character measures up and then what you can do to improve it. Spend time studying what Jesus’ character says about yours, and make the changes you need to. It won’t be an easy thing, but it’ll be worth it.


Until the Whole World Knows,


For the next part: Hardcore Christianity: A Forge of Heroes(Pt 2)

  1. Men Rising says:

    Love the whole premise of this site. Have one of my own up. Hope to see more of the same. Keep up the good work!!

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