The peasant boy pulling the sword from the stone–the paragon of good, the king who united Britain. And we can’t forget Merlin. Arthurian legend was the stuff that most boys grow up with. Magic and dragons, knights and maidens, quests to find the Holy Grail. I can’t count the number of times that I imagined myself as one of those knights, sitting around the round table, being given a quest to find some object or save some maiden.

T.H. White took these Arthurian legends of Britain and combined them all into a series of books called the Once and Future King series. I read this series years ago, but it recently came back on my radar. Kevin from Guys Can Read talked about it on a recent podcast. He told a story of a high school teacher who took a Dragonlance novel out of his hands and replaced it with The Once and Future King. This really got me thinking about the legend again.

Looking at this story, I start to see parallels between the legendary King Arthur and the factual Jesus Christ. Both are saviors. The legend of King Arthur shows that he sacrificed himself in combat with Mordred, who sought to enslave Britain under Morrighan’s leadership. King Arthur killed Mordred, but received mortal wounds as well. The legend continues that King Arthur will return at the time of Britain’s greatest need.

People looking for hope still believe in the legend. There were some that were looking for his return during the first and second World Wars. In 1554, on Mary Tudor’s marriage to Phillip II of Spain, he swore that he would resign the kingdom if Arthur were to return. The belief in King Arthur’s messianic return is still alive in Britain, but belief in Christ dwindles. Don’t believe it? One figure I have heard is that in Wales, less than 1% of the population are practicing Christians.

Photo by: Jeff Zwickel

All of this brings to light Jesus. Revelation shows His return at the time of our greatest need. Some are saying it is just around the corner, but Jesus will return like “a thief in the night” and that none will know the time (1 Thes 5:2). What we do know is that He came as king about 2000 years ago and was crucified by all. We also know that His return is promised and that He will come as on a white horse with a sword from His mouth to drive Satan from the earth and set up His millinnial kingdom here on Earth. What can we do to prepare for this?

I have heard believers described as Generals in the Lord’s army, but I prefer to think of us as Knights. God uses believers to fulfill His will until the return, but how do you want to be used? I want to be a boots on the ground kind of guy. When I was deployed, we called it being “boots on the ground” in a combat zone. Here’s the news flash, you and I are boots on the ground in the combat zone. Satan is fighting for your soul, and with God’s armor, he can’t win. So join the fight as one of Jesus’ knights… you know you feel the call.

Until the Whole World Knows,


  1. Jim F. says:

    Love the word picture of being Jesus’ knights. You are so right when you talk about us being in a fight and a problem is too that many have – they do not even realize it. Good encouragement!

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