Some changes to Hardcore Christian Men

Posted: 2011 04 07 by Paul S in Hardcore Christian Men
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A year ago when God first gave me the vision of starting a men’s ministry, I never would have imagined it would start on wordpress or even a blog. Now, I am glad He led me here to start with. In less than a month we have had more than 1000 page views.  If we had had in the 100 range, I might take credit, but with this many, I know it isn’t me at all, or Chris, or Jeremiah. It is all of us following God and doing what He leads us to. God is letting His message be carried by us and you are helping to spread.

You guys are making us grow faster than I could have ever imagined. With Chris and Jeremiah sharing the writing with me, and all of you telling your friends about us (through Twitter, Facebook, and more) we’ve gotten to the point that I saw a need for an email address that was a little more unique than Gmail and a unique twitter account. You can see the new email in the left nav bar there, but here it is as well: You can also reach each of us individually at <name> The new twitter account is @HardcoreCM Head over there and follow us. A lot of you have already been invited. One more place to link up with us is our facebook page, so head over there and like us.

We have also been offered some opportunities to review a few resources to help with the battles against the porn industry, so be looking for those soon. If you have any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions for us, email us and we’ll look into it.

Until the Whole World Knows,


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