Treat Her Right

Posted: 2011 04 02 by Jeremiah Alsbrook in Biblical manhood
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Women… You don’t know how to live with them, but you couldn’t imagine life without them.  Some of us try to understand them the very best that we can, but in the long run they turn out to be some sort of extremely beautiful rubix cube.  Even though we will never have the pleasure of completely understanding them, women quickly become the object of our desires.  Sadly, this infatuation has also lead to a complete degradation of women.  Women are now the temporal object of most young men.  The guy keeps the girl just long enough to “get his,” and then he is off to his next “conquest.”  This idea that women have become disposable sex toys is sickening.  The culture and media shove this lifestyle down the throats of young men and they receive it as the only available option.  “That is how we are supposed to act.”  Some manage to stay in a relationship for a bit longer, but it is only until things get “stale”.  However, I would like to offer two simple thoughts that would challenge the cultural view on women.  These will hopefully cause you to treat her right… just like the precious jewel that she is.

The first step in treating a woman right is understanding why she was created.  In Genesis 2, we see that for whatever reason man needed a helper.  We just couldn’t handle the pressure all by ourselves.  That was a really big garden to keep organized and apparently we were not very good at it back then either.    So God gave man this gorgeous assistant in the form Eve.  God put Adam to sleep and made her from one of his ribs.  I would like to digress for a moment and state that I believe there is significance here.  God could have created woman out of anything or nothing, but instead He created her from man’s side.  This was probably done to show the intimate connection that a man and a woman are to have with one another.  Many men have traded this connection in for what has been called a “hit it and quit it” mentality.  The man is guilty of cheapening the design that God put in place.  How is a woman ever to complete the man if she is constantly being traded off for the “newest model?”  Men must understand that the woman (his wife) was created to be an intricate part of his life.  Therefore, men should treat any and every woman with respect and dignity knowing that she is to complete someone, and that someone may not be you.  We can not allow ourselves to continually take pieces from each woman that we are attracted to.  How much will they have left for the man they are supposed to complete?

The second point is probably among the most popular in Christian circles.  Sex is something that was designed for marriage.  Therefore, you must treat her correctly so that you won’t slip into that sin.  However, Christian men think they have found a loop hole in the form of a question.  “How far is too far?”  They have this mentality that they want to get as close as possible without actually being engaged in that sin.  However, I suggest they are asking the wrong question.  Instead of asking “how close can I get to this sin,” they should be asking “how close can I get to the Father.”  If a man’s focus is truly in the right place he reduces his chances of trying the “loop hole” mentality.

As Christian men, we need to step up in this particular area.  Don’t let culture continue to dictate how women are treated.  Next to salvation a wife is the most incredible gift that a man could ever attain.  Let’s make sure that we take great care of them until that time comes.  Treat her right!






  1. Paul S says:

    Well said, Jeremiah, well said. It’s funny how so many believe sex to be the thing that is worthy of our affections and the woman only the provider of this. I remember when I felt that way. When I woke up, my life changed, and my wife and I have the best marriage I can imagine because of it.

  2. j4man says:

    I love the post Jeremiah. I love the closing! “As Christian men, we need to step up in this particular area. Don’t let culture continue to dictate how women are treated. Next to salvation a wife is the most incredible gift that a man could ever attain. Let’s make sure that we take great care of them until that time comes. Treat her right!” – That is dead on the money my friend!

  3. Cathy Scott says:

    You make some very good points. I heard some very disturbing talk about young women this morning in my hallway at school. The opening comment on one of the topics was, “He was gettin’ one and she threw up all over him.” This objectification of women is far two prevalent. Thanks for your notes.

  4. Jeremiah, right on. As a father of 4 girls, this hit’s me hard. I was never one to act like I needed to have multiple relationships with many girls to be happy. I was looking for the one God intended for me. I want my daughters to know that a guy should always respect her and never ask her to compromise her values. I believe hand holding and kissing can wait until after marriage. If you truly value and love her, then wait and enjoy all the benefits in marriage. A woman is an amazing thing of beauty, she is smart and intelligent and is more than just her physical body.

  5. Bax says:

    I agree with the essence of what this author has shared. I would like to apply it a little more directly however to the path of an earnest young Christian man. He has a connection to Christ and has surrendered his natural life to the Holy Spirit, the life of Christ.
    Lets say he is 25, and has only previously had 1 sexual partner. He now sees the importance of joining himself to the RIGHT person. This question arises:
    When does his marriage with a female begin? When the church accepts and weds them a couple? OR, when joins himself spiritually with her?
    I was of the understanding that marriage is a SPIRITUAL union of a man and woman BEFORE GOD. NOT the state.( If it were the gov/state, What am I to make of the hom-movement’s desire for same sex marriage – which “unions” catholic heads have deemed “holy, and to be preserved” !)
    A dedication Christian union founded before GOD and HIM ONLY therefore, is what is the truth behind this matter of marriage. Acceptance before God which is the underscoring feature of true marriage. In biblical times, the man/his father would pay the bride’s family COWS/LAND (dory) and.. “he went into unto her” and that was it! They were married. Modern marriage is a creation of present society, we must state the truth.
    And in this very vein I must add, that there are those who use what we typically call MARRIAGE (ie, a ceremony, procession and signing of papers) as a cover for lustful desires, NO TRUE intimate, selfless, connection.
    Those 2 commit adultery/fornication as the case may be.

    So, what TRUE Marriage is MUST be underscored in the mind of every well meaning Christian male. For without a proper understanding of who the woman is, and her place in our lives, we can never truly grow to appreciate and LIVE, God’s will.

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