Posted: 2011 03 22 by Jeremiah Alsbrook in Biblical manhood, manhood
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Decisions, decisions, decisions!  We have to make them all of the time.  Some of them are pretty simple to make!  Such as: ESPN or HGTV, football or ice skating, steak or salad, Rambo or a Lifetime special?  These are no-brainers!  However, when it comes to the really important things, men have become incredibly indecisive.  I’m not talking about where you plan on eating dinner or whether or not you should get a HEMI.  I’m talking about being confronted by God almighty and having to make the decision to obey or turn away.

I think of Moses who was called by God to head back to Egypt and lead God’s people out of the land.  The call was pretty direct in Exodus 3 but instead of jumping at the opportunity to do something for the Lord, my man gets cold feet.  “I don’t know God.  People aren’t really going to believe that “You” actually sent me.  They are going to think that all this time in the desert has made me a little crazy.  On top of that, public speaking isn’t really my thing…  Oh, and I kind of killed a man there, so I’m probably wanted for murder.”

Although God doesn’t really do the whole burning bush thing anymore, He is still working in the lives of people all over the world!  He is giving them the opportunities to do great things for the Kingdom of God, and we respond much like Moses.  “I can’t because… I’m no good at…. I’ve got other things to do… That’s not for me… You’ve got the wrong guy.”  When are we going to start seizing the chance to do something for our Savior?  Imagine if we all started to respond like Isaiah.

In Isaiah 6, God needs someone to go speak to His people.  Isaiah was aware of his inadequacies, but he didn’t even think twice about it.  Even after God let him know that his ministry was going to harden the hearts of many people, his response was a simple one.  One that I believe Christians in general need to get back to using.  “I’ll do it. Send me!”  When was the last time we responded to God in that way?  How many opportunities have we missed as a result of our indecision?  How many more times are we going to cower down and make excuses?  We’ve got to realize one simple truth.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow.  So man up and “decide” today!

  1. Paul S says:

    Well said, Jeremiah. I always think about what my burning bush moment was, and I’m glad I listened this time… I know I missed it enough times before!

    • jelillie says:

      I’m with Paul S. I have missed so many opportunities but He who began a good work in me has never ceased calling. It is interesting the excuses we come up with. I don’t know about you but he is always faithful to help me get rid of those things which hold me back from his call.

      • I totally agree with you. I look back at some of my high school years and I absolutely blew it. However, he continues to give me opportunities to take advantage of. One example is the chance to write for Paul and this site. God is good all the time.

        Grace and Peace,

  2. Paul S says:

    You aren’t writing for me, man. We are all just following God’s lead and it’s Him we are writing for! Thank you for partnering with me here, though.

  3. Doug says:

    And look at what happened when Moses finally did obey God and let the Lord lead him. Super duper miracles, that’s what! God used Moses in a mighty way and He can still do the same thing today, for He never changes.

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