Last week was amazing. God has used me in amazing ways in the last week, and I hope He continues to this week. I’m always amazed to see how God uses us when we allow Him into our lives. That is a major thing that every man must learn, how to submit his will so that God will do His will in him. Submitting is a hard thing for us to do, are there any tricks?

I’m going to be writing about the Biblical definitions of submission later, but for now, I’ll just say that it is not being a pawn, but being an active partner in the effort. God gives us talents and skills that he then uses to further His Kingdom. By abiding in His will, we become part of His eternal plan. Sounds good? Yeah, me too. I love the idea of being part of something so powerful and long lasting, but how can I set aside my selfishness and make this step?

God gives us tools to help us make the choices and the step toward Him. We are shown through scripture the failings of great men, and then their recovery and return to God’s graces. Did God punish them? Sure, He did, but afterward, it was forgiven. Take David for example. God told David that the Messiah would come from his line (2 Samuel 7:12-17). While David ruled as warrior king, he chose to send his army into combat without him. While they were on campaign, David observed Bathsheba and then demanded her join him in his bed(2 Samuel 11). This broke his covenant with God, and while God did punish him, by not allowing him to build the Temple. He also forgave him and kept his promise about raising the Messiah from his line, Jesus was of the line of David both through Mary by blood, and his adoptive father Joseph, by law(Matthew 1).

God does not expect perfection from us, but he does expect our obedience to His will. We can learn His will for us by listening and observing. God gives us guidance through His word, through people around us, and through prayer. I recently followed Him into a situation I never would have gone into myself. My wife and I decided to move to Dallas to continue my school about 9 months ago. We started looking for jobs, and when the move date came near, we didn’t have jobs yet. We prayed about staying, and felt discomfort, but when asking if we should still go, we felt peace. We packed up, put our house up for lease, and moved. I started applying for jobs again on arrival in Dallas and couldn’t find one. God works in the hidden spaces though. I went to interview a professor for a college paper and by the end of the interview, I was asked for my resume. I hadn’t even told him I was hoping to enter into a ministry position. Two weeks later I went to work in an international ministry that he leads. I encourage you to check it out,

God worked through me to put me into this position because I followed His will, not my own. He wants me to help His Kingdom. I want safety and security (with a little danger on the side :-D). He wants me to experience His power. I want to experience the peace of knowing where the next meal is coming from. He wants me to fully trust Him in all things. I want control over my life and situations.

Well, Men, we can’t have it both ways. We can have our peace, but we lose His rewards. We can have our safety, but we lose His love. We can have our control, but we lose His wisdom. I don’t know about you, but I kind of like throwing my hat into the wind and trusting God to carry me through. He has a plan, I just have to open my ears and listen to him.

Oh, and He did give me a reward for following His lead to Dallas. He gave me a raise and He gave me the guidance to start this blog, which is drawing men from places I never would have imagined. Thank you for following His lead to Hardcore Christian Men.

Until the Whole World Knows,


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