How much time have you spent in conversation with God this week?

Have you spent time in real prayer this week?

Do you spend time reading scripture regularly?

How much time would it take to read a chapter of the Bible a day?

Time management. We’re all under immense workloads and demands. You have a job to do. You have to have some sleep each night. If you are married, you have to add in time with your wife. If you have kids, that’s even more time. And then there is that time you need to just relax, whether that is in front of the TV, Xbox, or with a book. Oh, I forgot to mention ______. You know what is in that blank. We all have a hundred things that can fit there, and we could all come up with more.

Let me ask you this, when do we have time to spend with God? While I was in the Army, I became active with the Navigators (this is where I came to believe in Jesus and received salvation). One of the key things that was taught by the Navigators was spending at least 15 minutes a day in quiet time with God. Most did this in the morning, but due to my schedule, I usually did it during lunch. At first it was a chore, but as time passed I found that I looked forward to my little piece of solitude in my barracks room during lunch. It gave me that time to cool down from the morning as I prayed or read scripture.

Now, a few years later, I find that I don’t spend the time I once did in scripture. I spend more time dealing with anxiety and biting my tongue. I know some of you can identify with this, as you feel the same way. But what can I do. I have to drive about an hour each way for work, making my work day at least 11 hrs long.  Then when I get home I have to do work for school. Oh and then I need to spend some time with my wife, doing whatever chores or errands need to be done. Then I get to lay down at 10 to get some sleep.  When do I have time to have solitude with God?

I’ve got a few ideas on this, and I challenge you to share more with us. I spend an hour on the road each way to work, that’s plenty of time to talk with God. I could also spend about 15 minutes each night, as I lay down, in prayer. If I leave the house 15 minutes early, I can spend a little time in the parking lot, before I walk in to work, in prayer or with my Bible.

Just a fifteen minute adjustment could give me huge changes, so why don’t I do it? Why don’t you?

Until the Whole World Knows,

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