God’s Man vs Culture’s Image of Christian Men

Posted: 2011 03 15 by Paul S in Biblical manhood, manhood, masculine, masculinity
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One thing that has always rubbed me wrong over the years is that Christian men are often seen as soft sensitive wimps. And, the sad thing is, I’ve seen plenty of these. Where did this subservient, passive man come from? It wasn’t the example shown to us is scripture. I’m going to borrow Kenny Luck‘s term, “God’s Man”, from Risk. Kenny defines this man as Confident, Courageous, and completely His. I define a God’s Man as a man who places God as supreme and follows His lead. The modern Christian man is not seen this way.

Let me give you a few examples of God’s men through the ages.

Abraham– He picked up and moved away from his family, with nothing to go on but a voice he heard telling him to do it.

Moses– A stutterer who led the Israelites out of Egypt.

David– A Warrior King (Need I say more?)

Peter– Simon was renamed Cephas, which translates to Rock, by Jesus. Named by Jesus as the rock He would build His Church on.     Crucified upside down so he was not in the same posture as Christ.

Paul– Lived the majority of his adult life in prison for following Jesus’ teachings, which he received while struck blind for persecuting the early Christians.

And let’s not forget,

Jesus– Fully Man and Fully God. Lived as a carpenter for 30 years before going into full time ministry. I’ve met a few men who were carpenters by trade, most of them are powerfully built. He is never described in scripture as the feminine girl with a beard that we see so often in pictures.

So how can we live up to the standard set by these men? Well, all but Jesus sinned, just like you and me. Scripture not only shows us David the king and man after God’s own heart, we also see David the adulterer and murderer. Following God is not a question of being perfect. It is a question of having the character to admit that we have failings and trying to correct them.

I offer a simple start to all of my readers. Accountability Partners. This is not a new term, but if you haven’t heard it, that’s okay. An accountability partner allows you to be open and honest with another man, admitting your failings and leaning on him for help. It’s best to talk with this guy whenever there is an issue and to meet with him at least once a week. An accountability partner could be a co-worker, a mentor, a friend, or even a brother. The key is that this is someone that is at the same point or ahead of you in their walk, and that they will hold you accountable, just as you will hold them accountable.

When you are meeting with your accountability partner, you should share your week with them; good and bad. This isn’t a time for you to glorify yourself or even to cover up the worst of yourself. There should be agreement between you that nothing you say goes beyond your brotherhood. As you are being blunt in your admission, they should be blunt in their responses. Don’t soften things down. Think of it this way: If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, don’t pet it like a dog.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Post a comment and we’ll get a conversation going.

Until the Whole World Knows,


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