Men, stand up and follow The Man!

Posted: 2011 03 11 by Paul S in Biblical manhood, manhood, masculine, masculinity
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This is a blog for men. Ladies that doesn’t mean you aren’t welcome, just that this is and always will be targeted at men. Men, do you really know what it is to be a man? Are you willing to lay it all on the line to follow The Man? The Lord Jesus gave us the example, let’s stand up to meet and follow Him. I’ll be posting off and on with things that I am doing, thoughts I have had, links I have found, and anything else that seems to fit here. If anyone has any thoughts, or even wants to join me in the writing, let me know and we will see where to go from here. Remember, Jesus Christ had 12 apostles, lets see if we can get 12 of us writing and sharing with others his guidance and message.

I’m just updating this a little. I’m a 31 year old student of theology. I’m working in ministry now, but I’ve been in construction, the Army, EMS, and IT since I graduated college. I’m a bit of a geek, but I can hold my own in most sports (though I’m not great at any!) I’ve been called to Men’s Ministry and am working to learn all I can as I take the plunge after God’s lead.

Jumping through Fire

I’ve recently gotten involved in Adventure racing. I ran the Warrior dash in November down in Austin and I’ll be running it again in April here in DFW. I am hoping to be able to run the Tough Mudder in October, as well as any other competitions I can find in between. Eventually I plan on running the Death Race on the Appalachian Trail. If you’re an adventure racer, let me know, we’ll run together!

If you want to know more about me and what I’ve been doing for the last year and a half, check out

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